Man pages for joineR
Joint Modelling of Repeated Measurements and Time-to-Event Data

aidsAIDS drug trial data
epilepticDose calibration of anti-epileptic drugs data
heart.valveAortic valve replacement surgery data
jointFit joint model for survival and longitudinal data measured...
jointdataCreates an object of class 'jointdata'
joint.objectFitted 'joint' object
jointplotJoint plot of longitudinal and survival data
jointSEStandard errors via bootstrap for a joint model fit
lines.jointdataAdd lines to an existing 'jointdata' plot
liverLiver cirrhosis drug trial data
mentalMental health trial data
plot.jointdataPlot longitudinal data
plot.vargmPlots the empirical variogram for longitudinal data
points.jointdataAdd points to an existing 'jointdata' plot
sample.jointdataSample from a 'jointdata' x
simjointSimulate data from a joint model
subset.jointdataSubsetting object of class 'jointdata'
summarybalSummary of a balanced longitudinal data set
summary.jointSummarise a random effects joint model fit
summary.jointdataSummarise a 'jointdata' object
to.balancedTransform data to the longitudinal balanced format
to.unbalancedTransform data to the longitudinal unbalanced format
UniqueVariablesExtracts the unique non-time dependent variables per patient,...
variogramEmpirical variogram for longitudinal data
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