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Liver cirrhosis drug trial data


This dataset gives the longitudinal observations of prothrombin index, a measure of liver function, for patients from a controlled trial into prednisone treatment of liver cirrhosis. Time-to-event information in the form of the event time and associated censoring indicator are also recorded along with a solitary baseline covariate - the allocated treatment arm in this instance. The data are taken from Andersen et al. (1993, p. 19) and were analyzed in Henderson et al. (2002). This is a subset of the full data where a number of variables were recorded both at entry and during the course of the trial.




A data.frame in the unbalanced format with longitudinal observations from 488 subjects. The columns are:


integer: number for patient identification.


integer: prothrombin index measurement (%).


numeric: time of prothrombin index measurement (years).


integer: patient treatment indicator. Coded as 0 = placebo; 1 = prednisone.


numeric: patient survival time (years).


integer: censoring indicator. Coded as 1 = died; 0 = censored.


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