Not An Introduction to knitr

The knitr package [@R-knitr] is an alternative tool to Sweave based on a different design with more features. This document is not an introduction, but only serves as a placeholder to guide you to the real manuals, which are available on the package website^[e.g. the main manual and the graphics manual], and remember to read the help pages of functions in this package. There is a book [@xie2013] for this package, but it may not be useful to those who prefer digging out information on the web.

Anyway, here is a code chunk that shows you can compile vignettes with knitr as well using R 3.0.x, which supports non-Sweave vignettes:

fit=lm(dist~speed, data=cars)
knitr::kable(summary(fit)$coefficients, caption='Regression coefficients.')

The fitted regression equation is $Y=r b[1]+r b[2]x$.

par(mar=c(4, 4, 1, .1))
plot(cars, pch = 20)
abline(fit, col = 'red')


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