knit_code: The code manager to manage code in all chunks

knit_codeR Documentation

The code manager to manage code in all chunks


This object provides methods to manage code (as character vectors) in all chunks in knitr source documents. For example, knitr::knit_code$get() returns a named list of all code chunks (the names are chunk labels), and knitr::knit_code$get('foo') returns the character vector of the code in the chunk with the label foo.




An object of class list of length 7.


The methods on this object include the set() method (i.e., you could do something like knitr::knit_code$set(foo = "'my precious new code'")), but we recommend that you do not use this method to modify the content of code chunks, unless you are as creative as Emi Tanaka and know what you are doing.

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