Man pages for knitr
A General-Purpose Package for Dynamic Report Generation in R

all_labelsGet all chunk labels in a document
all_patternsAll built-in patterns
asis_outputMark an R object with a special class
cache_enginesCache engines of other languages
chunk_hookBuilt-in chunk hooks to extend knitr
clean_cacheClean cache files that are probably no longer needed
combine_wordsCombine multiple words into a single string
convert_chunk_headerConvert the in-header chunk option syntax to the in-body...
current_inputQuery the current input filename
dep_autoBuild automatic dependencies among chunks
dep_prevMake later chunks depend on previous chunks
download_imageDownload an image from the web and include it in a document
engine_outputAn output wrapper for language engine output
fig_chunkObtain the figure filenames for a chunk
fig_pathPath for figure files
hook_animationHooks to create animations in HTML output
hook_documentSome potentially useful document hooks
hook_plotDefault plot hooks for different output formats
image_uriEncode an image file to a data URI
imgur_uploadUpload an image to
include_graphicsEmbed external images in 'knitr' documents
include_urlEmbed a URL as an HTML iframe or a screenshot in 'knitr'...
inline_exprWrap code using the inline R expression syntax
is_low_changeCompare two recorded plots
kableCreate tables in LaTeX, HTML, Markdown and reStructuredText
knitKnit a document
knit2htmlConvert markdown to HTML using knit() and mark_html()
knit2pandocConvert various input files to various output files using...
knit2pdfConvert Rnw or Rrst files to PDF
knit2wpKnit an R Markdown document and post it to WordPress
knit_childKnit a child document
knit_codeThe code manager to manage code in all chunks
knit_enginesEngines of other languages
knit_exitExit knitting early
knit_expandA simple macro preprocessor for templating purposes
knit_filterSpell check filter for source documents
knit_globalThe global environment in which code chunks are evaluated
knit_hooksHooks for R code chunks, inline R code and output
knit_metaMetadata about objects to be printed
knit_paramsExtract knit parameters from a document
knit_params_yamlExtract knit parameters from YAML text
knit_patternsPatterns to match and extract R code in a document
knit_printA custom printing function
knit_rdKnit package documentation
knitr-packageA general-purpose tool for dynamic report generation in R
knit_themeSyntax highlighting themes
knit_watchWatch an input file continuously and knit it when it is...
load_cacheLoad the cache database of a code chunk
opts_chunkDefault and current chunk options
opts_hooksHooks for code chunk options
opts_knitOptions for the knitr package
opts_templateTemplate for creating reusable chunk options
output_hooksSet or get output hooks for different output formats
output_typeCheck the current input and output type
pandocA Pandoc wrapper to convert documents to other formats
partition_chunkPartition chunk options from the code chunk body
pat_funSet regular expressions to read input documents
plot_cropCrop a plot (remove the edges) using PDFCrop or ImageMagick
rand_seedAn unevaluated expression to return .Random.seed if exists
raw_blockMark character strings as raw blocks in R Markdown
raw_outputMark character strings as raw output that should not be...
read_chunkRead chunks from an external script
read_rforgeRead source code from R-Forge
rnw2pdfConvert an 'Rnw' document to PDF
roccoKnit R Markdown using the classic Docco style
rst2pdfA wrapper for rst2pdf
set_aliasSet aliases for chunk options
set_headerSet the header information
set_parentSpecify the parent document of child documents
sewWrap evaluated results for output
spinSpin goat's hair into wool
spin_childSpin a child R script
stitchAutomatically create a report based on an R script and a...
Sweave2knitrConvert Sweave to knitr documents
vignette_enginesPackage vignette engines
wrap_rmdWrap long lines in Rmd files
write_bibGenerate BibTeX bibliography databases for R packages
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