Man pages for knitr
A General-Purpose Package for Dynamic Report Generation in R

all_labelsGet all chunk labels in a document
all_patternsAll built-in patterns
asis_outputMark an R object with a special class
chunk_hookBuilt-in chunk hooks to extend knitr
clean_cacheClean cache files that are probably no longer needed
combine_wordsCombine multiple words into a single string
current_inputQuery the current input filename
dep_autoBuild automatic dependencies among chunks
dep_prevMake later chunks depend on previous chunks
engine_outputAn output wrapper for language engine output
fig_chunkObtain the figure filenames for a chunk
fig_pathPath for figure files
hook_animationHooks to create animations in HTML output
hook_documentSome potentially useful document hooks
hook_plotDefault plot hooks for different output formats
image_uriEncode an image file to a data URI
imgur_uploadUpload an image to
include_graphicsEmbed external images in 'knitr' documents
include_urlEmbed a URL as an HTML iframe or a screenshot in 'knitr'...
inline_exprWrap code using the inline R expression syntax
kableCreate tables in LaTeX, HTML, Markdown and reStructuredText
knitKnit a document
knit2htmlConvert markdown to HTML using knit() and markdownToHTML()
knit2pandocConvert various input files to various output files using...
knit2pdfConvert Rnw or Rrst files to PDF using knit() and texi2pdf()...
knit2wpKnit an R Markdown document and post it to WordPress
knit_childKnit a child document
knit_enginesEngines of other languages
knit_exitExit knitting early
knit_expandA simple macro preprocessor for templating purposes
knit_filterSpell check filter for source documents
knit_globalThe global environment in which code chunks are evaluated
knit_hooksHooks for R code chunks, inline R code and output
knit_metaMetadata about objects to be printed
knit_paramsExtract knit parameters from a document
knit_params_yamlExtract knit parameters from YAML text
knit_patternsPatterns to match and extract R code in a document
knit_printA custom printing function
knit_rdKnit package documentation
knitr-packageA general-purpose tool for dynamic report generation in R
knit_themeSyntax highlighting themes
knit_watchWatch an input file continuously and knit it when it is...
load_cacheLoad the cache database of a code chunk
opts_chunkDefault and current chunk options
opts_hooksHooks for code chunk options
opts_knitOptions for the knitr package
opts_templateTemplate for creating reusable chunk options
output_hooksSet output hooks for different output formats
pandocA Pandoc wrapper to convert documents to other formats
pat_funSet regular expressions to read input documents
plot_cropCrop a plot (remove the edges) using PDFCrop or ImageMagick
rand_seedAn unevaluated expression to return .Random.seed if exists
raw_outputMark character strings as raw output that should not be...
read_chunkRead chunks from an external script
read_rforgeRead source code from R-Forge
roccoKnit R Markdown using the classic Docco style
rst2pdfA wrapper for rst2pdf
set_aliasSet aliases for chunk options
set_headerSet the header information
set_parentSpecify the parent document of child documents
spinSpin goat's hair into wool
spin_childSpin a child R script
stitchAutomatically create a report based on an R script and a...
Sweave2knitrConvert Sweave to knitr documents
vignette_enginesPackage vignette engines
wrap_rmdWrap long lines in Rmd files
write_bibGenerate BibTeX bibliography databases for R packages
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