output_type: Check the current input and output type

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Check the current input and output type


The function is_latex_output() returns TRUE when the output format is LaTeX; it works for both ‘.Rnw’ and R Markdown documents (for the latter, the two Pandoc formats latex and beamer are considered LaTeX output). The function is_html_output() only works for R Markdown documents and will test for several Pandoc HTML based output formats (by default, these formats are considered as HTML formats: c('markdown', 'epub', 'epub2', 'html', 'html4', 'html5', 'revealjs', 's5', 'slideous', 'slidy', 'gfm')).



is_html_output(fmt = pandoc_to(), excludes = NULL)

pandoc_to(fmt, exact = FALSE)

pandoc_from(exact = FALSE)



A character vector of output formats to be checked against. If not provided, is_html_output() uses pandoc_to(), and pandoc_to() returns the output format name.


A character vector of output formats that should not be considered as HTML format. Options are: markdown, epub, epub2, html, html4, html5, revealjs, s5, slideous, slidy, and gfm.


Whether to return or use the exact format name. If not, Pandoc extensions will be removed from the format name, e.g., ‘⁠latex-smart⁠’ will be treated as ‘⁠latex⁠’.


The function pandoc_to() returns the Pandoc output format, and pandoc_from() returns Pandoc input format. pandoc_to(fmt) allows to check the current output format against a set of format names. Both are to be used with R Markdown documents.

These functions may be useful for conditional output that depends on the output format. For example, you may write out a LaTeX table in an R Markdown document when the output format is LaTeX, and an HTML or Markdown table when the output format is HTML. Use pandoc_to(fmt) to test a more specific Pandoc format.

Internally, the Pandoc output format of the current R Markdown document is stored in knitr::opts_knit$get('rmarkdown.pandoc.to'), and the Pandoc input format in knitr::opts_knit$get('rmarkdown.pandoc.from')


See available Pandoc formats, in Pandoc's Manual


# check for output formats type
knitr::is_html_output(excludes = c("markdown", "epub"))
# Get current formats
# Test if current output format is 'docx'

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