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Upload an image to


This function uses the httr package to upload a image to, and parses the XML response to a list with xml2 which contains information about the image in the Imgur website.


imgur_upload(file, key = "9f3460e67f308f6")



Path to the image file to be uploaded.


Client ID for Imgur. By default, this uses a client ID registered by Yihui Xie.


When the output format from knit() is HTML or Markdown, this function can be used to upload local image files to Imgur, e.g. set the package option opts_knit$set( = imgur_upload), so the output document is completely self-contained, i.e. it does not need external image files any more, and it is ready to be published online.


A character string of the link to the image; this string carries an attribute named XML which is a list converted from the response XML file; see Imgur API in the references.


Please register your own Imgur application to get your client ID; you can certainly use mine, but this ID is in the public domain so everyone has access to all images associated to it.


Yihui Xie, adapted from the imguR package by Aaron Statham


Imgur API version 3:; a demo:


## Not run: 
f = tempfile(fileext = ".png")
plot(rnorm(100), main = R.version.string)

res = imgur_upload(f)
res  # link to original URL of the image
attr(res, "XML")  # all information
if (interactive())

# to use your own key
opts_knit$set( = function(file) imgur_upload(file, key = "your imgur key"))

## End(Not run)

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