plot_crop: Crop a plot (remove the edges) using PDFCrop or ImageMagick

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Crop a plot (remove the edges) using PDFCrop or ImageMagick


The program pdfcrop (often shipped with a LaTeX distribution) is executed on a PDF plot file, and magick::image_trim() is executed for other types of plot files.


plot_crop(x, quiet = TRUE)



Filename of the plot.


Whether to suppress standard output from the command.


The program pdfcrop can crop the extra white margins when the plot format is PDF, to make better use of the space in the output document, otherwise we often have to struggle with graphics::par() to set appropriate margins. Note pdfcrop often comes with a LaTeX distribution such as TinyTeX, MiKTeX, or TeX Live, and you may not need to install it separately (use Sys.which('pdfcrop') to check it; if it not empty, you are able to use it). Note that pdfcrop depends on GhostScript. You can check if GhostScript is installed via tools::find_gs_cmd().


The original filename.


PDFCrop: If you use TinyTeX, you may install pdfcrop with tinytex::tlmgr_install('pdfcrop').

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