Man pages for ks
Kernel Smoothing

airAir quality measurements in an underground train station
binningLinear binning for multivariate data
cardioFoetal cardiotocograms
contourContours functions
grevilleaGeographical locations of grevillea plants
HbcvBiased cross-validation (BCV) bandwidth matrix selector for...
histdeHistogram density estimate
HlscvLeast-squares cross-validation (LSCV) bandwidth matrix...
HnmNormal mixture bandwidth
HnsNormal scale bandwidth
HpiPlug-in bandwidth selector
hsctHaematopoietic stem cell transplant
HscvSmoothed cross-validation (SCV) bandwidth selector
ise.mixtSquared error bandwidth matrix selectors for normal mixture...
kcdeKernel cumulative distribution/survival function estimate
kcopulaKernel copula (density) estimate
kdaKernel discriminant analysis
kdcdeDeconvolution kernel density derivative estimate
kddeKernel density derivative estimate
kdeKernel density estimate
kde.boundaryKernel density estimate for bounded data
kde.local.testKernel density based local two-sample comparison test
kde.testKernel density based global two-sample comparison test
kde.truncateTruncated kernel density derivative estimate
kdrKernel density ridge estimation
kfeKernel functional estimate
kfsKernel feature significance
kmsKernel mean shift clustering
krocKernel receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curve
ks-internalInternal functions in the ks library
ksuppKernel support estimate
mixtNormal and t-mixture distributions
plot.histdePlot for histogram density estimate
plot.kcdePlot for kernel cumulative distribution estimate
plot.kdaPlot for kernel discriminant analysis
plot.kddePlot for kernel density derivative estimate
plot.kdePlot for kernel density estimate
plot.kde.loctestPlot for kernel local significant difference regions
plot.kde.partPartition plot for kernel density clustering
plot.kfsPlot for kernel feature significance
plot.krocPlot for kernel receiver operating characteristic curve (ROC)...
plotmixtPlot for 1- to 3-dimensional normal and t-mixture density...
pre.transformPre-sphering and pre-scaling
quakeGeographical locations of earthquakes
rkdeDerived quantities from kernel density estimates
tempbDaily temperature
unicefUnicef child mortality - life expectancy data
vectorVector and vector half operators
vkdeVariable kernel density estimate.
worldbankDevelopment indicators from the World Bank Group
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