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Lexicons for Text Analysis

available_dataGet Available 'lexicon' Data
common_namesFirst Names (U.S.)
constraining_loughran_mcdonaldLoughran-McDonald Constraining Words
emojis_sentimentEmoji Sentiment Data
freq_first_namesFrequent U.S. First Names
freq_last_namesFrequent U.S. Last Names
function_wordsFunction Words
grady_augmentedAugmented List of Grady Ward's English Words and Mark...
hash_emojisEmoji Description Lookup Table
hash_emojis_identifierEmoji Identifier Lookup Table
hash_grady_posGrady Ward's Moby Parts of Speech
hash_internet_slangList of Internet Slang and Corresponding Meanings
hash_lemmasLemmatization List
hash_sentiment_emojisEmoji Sentiment Polarity Lookup Table
hash_sentiment_huliuHu Liu Polarity Lookup Table
hash_sentiment_jockersJockers Polarity Lookup Table
hash_sentiment_jockers_rinkerCombined Jockers & Rinker Polarity Lookup Table
hash_sentiment_loughran_mcdonaldLoughran-McDonald Polarity Table
hash_sentiment_nrcNRC Sentiment Polarity Table
hash_sentiment_senticnetAugmented SenticNet Polarity Table
hash_sentiment_sentiwordAugmented Sentiword Polarity Table
hash_sentiment_slangsdSlangSD Sentiment Polarity Table
hash_sentiment_socal_googleSO-CAL Google Polarity Table
hash_valence_shiftersValence Shifters
key_contractionsContraction Conversions
key_corporate_social_responsibilityNadra Pencle and Irina Mălăescu's Corporate Social...
key_gradeGrades Data Set
key_ratingRatings Data Set
key_regressive_imageryColin Martindale's English Regressive Imagery Dictionary
key_sentiment_jockersJockers Sentiment Key
lexiconLexicons for Text Analysis
modal_loughran_mcdonaldLoughran-McDonald Modal List
nrc_emotionsNRC Emotions
pos_action_verbAction Word List
pos_df_irregular_nounsIrregular Nouns Word Dataframe
pos_prepositionPreposition Words
profanity_alvarezAlejandro U. Alvarez's List of Profane Words
profanity_arr_badStackoverflow user2592414's List of Profane Words's List of Profane Words
profanity_racistTitus Wormer's List of Racist Words
profanity_zac_angerZac Anger's List of Profane Words
sw_dolchLeveled Dolch List of 220 Common Words
sw_fry_100Fry's 100 Most Commonly Used English Words
sw_fry_1000Fry's 1000 Most Commonly Used English Words
sw_fry_200Fry's 200 Most Commonly Used English Words
sw_fry_25Fry's 25 Most Commonly Used English Words
sw_jockersMatthew Jocker's Expanded Topic Modeling Stopword List
sw_loughran_mcdonald_longLoughran-McDonald Long Stopword List
sw_loughran_mcdonald_shortLoughran-McDonald Short Stopword List
sw_luceneLucene Stopword List
sw_malletMALLET Stopword List
sw_pythonPython Stopword List
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