hash_sentiment_slangsd: SlangSD Sentiment Polarity Table

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A data.table dataset containing a filtered version of Wu, Morstatter, & Liu's (2016) positive/negative slang word list as sentiment lookup values. All words containing other than "[a-z ']" have been removed as well as any neutral words.




A data frame with 48,277 rows and 2 variables


Original Licensing: The dictionary is free to use. If you use it for an academic publication, we ask that you cite it using the citation below. If it is used in anything other than an academic publication, we ask that you provide a credit and link to SlangSD.com.

articleDBLP:journals/corr/Wu-etal16, author = Liang Wu and Fred Morstatter and Huan Liu, title = SlangSD: Building and Using a Sentiment Dictionary of Slang Words for Short-Text Sentiment Classification, journal = CoRR, volume = abs/1608.05129, year = 2016, url = http://arxiv.org/abs/1608.05129, timestamp = Wed, 17 Aug 2016 23:32:57 GMT


Wu, L., Morstatter, F., and Liu, H. (2016). SlangSD: Building and using a sentiment dictionary of slang words for short-text sentiment classification. CoRR. abs/1168.1058. 1-15.


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