hash_valence_shifters: Valence Shifters

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A data.table dataset containing a vector of valence shifter words that can alter a polarized word's meaning and a numeric key for negators (1), amplifiers [intensifier] (2), de-amplifiers [downtoners] (3), and adversative conjunctions (4).




A data frame with 140 rows and 2 variables


Valence shifters are words that alter or intensify the meaning of the polarized words and include negators and amplifiers. Negators are, generally, adverbs that negate sentence meaning; for example the word like in the sentence, "I do like pie.", is given the opposite meaning in the sentence, "I do not like pie.", now containing the negator not. Amplifiers (intensifiers) are, generally, adverbs or adjectives that intensify sentence meaning. Using our previous example, the sentiment of the negator altered sentence, "I seriously do not like pie.", is heightened with addition of the amplifier seriously. Whereas de-amplifiers (downtoners) decrease the intensity of a polarized word as in the sentence "I barely like pie"; the word "barely" deamplifies the word like. Adversative conjunction trump the previous clause (e.g., “He's a nice guy but not too smart.”).

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