Man pages for lme4
Linear Mixed-Effects Models using 'Eigen' and S4

allFitRefit a fitted model with all available optimizers
ArabidopsisArabidopsis clipping/fertilization data
bootMerModel-based (Semi-)Parametric Bootstrap for Mixed Models
cakeBreakage Angle of Chocolate Cakes
cbppContagious bovine pleuropneumonia
checkConvExtended Convergence Checking
confint.merModCompute Confidence Intervals for Parameters of a [ng]lmer Fit
convergenceAssessing Convergence for Fitted Models
devcompExtract the deviance component list
devfun2Deviance Function in Terms of Standard...
drop1.merModDrop all possible single fixed-effect terms from a mixed...
dummyDummy variables (experimental)
DyestuffYield of dyestuff by batch
expandDoubleVertsExpand terms with "||" notation into separate "|" terms
factorizeAttempt to convert grouping variables to factors
findbarsDetermine random-effects expressions from a formula
fixefExtract fixed-effects estimates
fortifyadd information to data based on a fitted model
getMEExtract or Get Generalized Components from a Fitted Mixed...
GHruleUnivariate Gauss-Hermite quadrature rule
glmerFitting Generalized Linear Mixed-Effects Models
glmerLaplaceHandleHandle for 'glmerLaplace'
glmer.nbFitting Negative Binomial GLMMs
glmFamilyGenerator object for the 'glmFamily' class
glmFamily-classClass '"glmFamily"' - a reference class for 'family'
golden-classClass '"golden"' and Generator for Golden Search Optimizer...
GQdkSparse Gaussian / Gauss-Hermite Quadrature grid
grouseticksData on red grouse ticks from Elston et al. 2001
hatvalues.merModDiagonal elements of the hat matrix
influence.merModInfluence Diagnostics for Mixed-Effects Models
InstEvalUniversity Lecture/Instructor Evaluations by Students at ETH
isNestedIs f1 nested within f2?
isREMLCheck characteristics of models
isSingularTest Fitted Model for (Near) Singularity
lme4-packageLinear, generalized linear, and nonlinear mixed models
lme4_testlevelDetect testing level for lme4 examples and tests
lmerFit Linear Mixed-Effects Models
lmerControlControl of Mixed Model Fitting
lmListFit List of lm or glm Objects with a Common Model
lmList4-classClass "lmList4" of 'lm' Objects on Common Model
lmRespGenerator objects for the response classes
lmResp-classReference Classes for Response Modules,...
merMod-classClass "merMod" of Fitted Mixed-Effect Models
merPredDGenerator object for the 'merPredD' class
merPredD-classClass '"merPredD"' - a Dense Predictor Reference Class
mkMerModCreate a 'merMod' Object
mkRespModCreate an lmerResp, glmResp or nlsResp instance
mkReTrmsMake Random Effect Terms: Create Z, Lambda, Lind, etc.
mkSimulationTemplateMake templates suitable for guiding mixed model simulations
mkVarCorrMake Variance and Correlation Matrices from 'theta'
modularModular Functions for Mixed Model Fits
namedListSelf-naming list function
Nelder_MeadNelder-Mead Optimization of Parameters, Possibly (Box)...
NelderMead-classClass '"NelderMead"' of Nelder-Mead optimizers and its...
ngrpsNumber of Levels of a Factor or a "merMod" Model
nlformulaManipulate a Nonlinear Model Formula
nlmerFitting Nonlinear Mixed-Effects Models
nloptwrapWrappers for additional optimizers
nobarsOmit terms separated by vertical bars in a formula
PastesPaste strength by batch and cask
PenicillinVariation in penicillin testing
plot.merModDiagnostic Plots for 'merMod' Fits
plots.thprMixed-Effects Profile Plots (Regular / Density / Pairs)
predict.merModPredictions from a model at new data values
profile-methodsProfile method for merMod objects
pvaluesGetting p-values for fitted models
ranefExtract the modes of the random effects
refitRefit a (merMod) Model with a Different Response
refitMLRefit a Model by Maximum Likelihood Criterion
rePCAPCA of random-effects covariance matrix
rePosGenerator object for the rePos (random-effects positions)...
rePos-classClass '"rePos"'
residuals.merModresiduals of merMod objects
sigmaExtract Residual Standard Deviation 'Sigma'
simulate.formulaA 'simulate' Method for 'formula' objects that dispatches...
simulate.merModSimulate Responses From 'merMod' Object
sleepstudyReaction times in a sleep deprivation study
subbars"Sub[stitute] Bars"
utilitiesPrint and Summary Method Utilities for Mixed Effects
VarCorrExtract Variance and Correlation Components
vcconvConvert between representations of (co-)variance structures
VerbAggVerbal Aggression item responses
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