nlformula: Manipulate a Nonlinear Model Formula

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Check and manipulate the formula for a nonlinear model, such as specified in nlmer.





matched call from the calling function, typically nlmer(). Should have arguments named


a formula of the form resp ~ nlmod ~ meform where resp is an expression for the response, nlmod is the nonlinear model expression and meform is the mixed-effects model formula. resp can be omitted when, e.g., optimizing a design.


a data frame in which to evaluate the model function


either a numeric vector containing initial estimates for the nonlinear model parameters or a list with components


the initial estimates of the nonlinear model parameters


the initial estimates of the variance component parameters


The model formula for a nonlinear mixed-effects model is of the form resp ~ nlmod ~ mixed where resp is an expression (usually just a name) for the response, nlmod is the call to the nonlinear model function, and mixed is the mixed-effects formula defining the linear predictor for the parameter matrix. If the formula is to be used for optimizing designs, the resp part can be omitted.


a list with components


a response module of class "nlsResp"


the model frame, including a terms attribute


the fixed-effects model matrix


the random-effects terms object

See Also

Other utilities: findbars, mkRespMod, mkReTrms, nobars, subbars

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