Man pages for lubridate
Make Dealing with Dates a Little Easier

amDoes date time occur in the am or pm?
as_dateConvert an object to a date or date-time
as.durationChange an object to a duration
as.intervalChange an object to an 'interval'
as.periodChange an object to a period
cyclic_encodingCyclic encoding of date-times
dateGet/set date component of a date-time
DateCoercionConvert a variety of date-time classes to POSIXlt and POSIXct
date_decimalConverts a decimal to a date
DateTimeUpdateChanges the components of a date object
date_utilsVarious date utilities
dayGet/set days component of a date-time
days_in_monthGet the number of days in the month of a date-time
decimal_dateConverts a date to a decimal of its year
DeprecatedDeprecated functions in the lubridate package
dstGet *d*aylight *s*avings *t*ime indicator of a date-time
durationCreate a duration object.
Duration-classDuration class
fit_to_timelineFit a POSIXlt date-time to the timeline
force_tzReplace time zone to create new date-time
format_ISO8601Format in ISO8601 character format
format_ISO8601_precision_checkProvide a format for ISO8601 dates and times with the...
guess_formatsGuess possible date-times formats from a character vector
hidden_aliasesInternal page for hidden aliases
hmsParse periods with *h*our, *m*inute, and *s*econd components
hourGet/set hours component of a date-time
intervalUtilities for creation and manipulation of 'Interval' objects
Interval-classInterval class
is.difftimeIs x a difftime object?
is.instantIs x a date-time object?
is.timespanIs x a length of time?
lakersLakers 2008-2009 basketball data set
leap_yearIs a year a leap year?
local_timeGet local time from a date-time vector.
lubridate-packageDates and times made easy with lubridate
make_datetimeEfficient creation of date-times from numeric representations
make_difftimeCreate a difftime object.
minuteGet/set minutes component of a date-time
monthGet/set months component of a date-time
mplusAdd and subtract months to a date without exceeding the last...
nowThe current day and time
origin1970-01-01 UTC
parse_date_timeUser friendly date-time parsing functions
periodCreate or parse period objects
Period-classPeriod class
period_to_secondsContrive a period to/from a given number of seconds
posix_utilsVarious POSIX utilities
pretty_datesComputes attractive axis breaks for date-time data
quarterGet the fiscal quarter and semester of a date-time
reclass_dateConvenience method to reclass dates post-modification.
reclass_timespanConvenience method to reclass timespans post-modification.
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
rollbackwardRoll backward or forward a date the previous, current or next...
round_dateRound, floor and ceiling methods for date-time objects
secondGet/set seconds component of a date-time
stampFormat dates and times based on human-friendly templates
time_lengthCompute the exact length of a time span
timespanDescription of time span classes in lubridate
Timespan-classTimespan class
tzGet/set time zone component of a date-time
weekGet/set weeks component of a date-time
within-intervalDoes a date (or interval) fall within an interval?
with_tzGet date-time in a different time zone
yearGet/set years component of a date-time
ymdParse dates with *y*ear, *m*onth, and *d*ay components
ymd_hmsParse date-times with *y*ear, *m*onth, and *d*ay, *h*our,...
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