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R package

Purpose and Functionality

MADRaT provides a framework which should improve reproducibility and transparency in data processing. It provides functionality such as automatic meta data creation and management, rudimentary quality management, data caching, work-flow management and data aggregation.


The last official release of the package can be directly installed from official CRAN repository:


For installation of the most recent package version an additional repository has to be added in R:

options(repos = c(CRAN = "@CRAN@", rd3mod_repo = ""))

The additional repository can be made availably permanently by adding the line above to a file called .Rprofile stored in the home folder of your system (Sys.glob("~") in R returns the home directory).

After that the most recent version of the package can be installed using install.packages:


Package updates can be installed using update.packages (make sure that the additional repository has been added before running that command):



The package comes with a vignette describing the basic functionality of the package and how to use it. You can load it with the following command (the package needs to be installed):


Travis CI Integration

Travis build status

Questions / Problems

In case of questions / problems please contact Jan Dietrich

1 The title is a wish not a promise. By no means we expect this package to deliver everything what is needed to achieve full reproducibility and transparency, but we believe that it supports efforts in this direction.



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