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This function returns the madrat config which is currently loaded. If no configuration has been loaded so far the configuration will be initialized with default settings or system settings (if available).


getConfig(option = NULL, raw = FALSE, verbose = TRUE, print = FALSE)



The option for which the setting should be returned. If set to NULL all options are returned.


If set to FALSE some settings will be calculated, e.g. if the cache folder is set to FALSE the full path will be calculated using the main folder, or if the verbosity is not set the default verbosity will be returned. If raw is set to TRUE settings are returned as they are currently stored.


boolean deciding whether status information/updates should be shown or not


if TRUE and verbose is TRUE a configuration overview will also get printed


A config list with all settings currently set for the madrat package


getConfig is primarily designed to make the overall madrat configuration available to system tools of the madrat framework. There are only a few exceptions for which configuration settings are also readable from within a download-, read-, convert-, correct-, calc- or full-function. These exceptions are the setting "debug" (which can be used to add additional debug messages when active), the "tmpfolder" which can be used to temporarily store data and the setting "hash" (which can only be accessed from within a full function and can there be used to apply the identical hash algorithm for other calculations in which hashing is being used). Besides that "regionmapping" and "extramappings" can also be read from within calc- and full-functions but their use is at least for the calc-functions discouraged as it either might lead to incorrect caching behavior, or - if implemented correctly - lead to significant slow-downs of overall calculations. All other settings are currently still accessible but trigger a warning that this option will soon be removed. So, please make sure that your code runs without reading these options! As a background note: Read access to these settings will be restricted as they otherwise would allow access to code elements or data in a form which is violating the overall madrat logic and thereby can lead to erroneous results.


Jan Philipp Dietrich

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