Man pages for magic
Create and Investigate Magic Squares

adiagBinds arrays corner-to-corner
allsubhypercubesSubhypercubes of magic hypercubes
allsumsRow, column, and two diagonal sums of arrays
apadPad arrays
aplReplacements for APL functions take and drop
aplusGeneralized array addition
arevReverses some dimensions; a generalization of rev
arotRotates an array about two specified dimensions
arowGeneralized row and col
as.standardStandard form for magic squares
cillerueloA class of multiplicative magic squares due to Cilleruelo and...
circulantCirculant matrices of any order
cube2A pantriagonal magic cube
diag.offExtracts broken diagonals
do.indexApply a function to array element indices
eqComparison of two magic squares
fnsdFirst non-singleton dimension
force.integerIntegerize array elements
FrankensteinA perfect magic cube due to Frankenstein
hadamardHadamard matrices
hendricksA perfect magic cube due to Hendricks
hudsonPandiagonal magic squares due to Hudson
is.magicVarious tests for the magicness of a square
is.magichypercubemagic hypercubes
is.okdoes a vector have the sum required to be a row or column of...
is.square.palindromicIs a square matrix square palindromic?
latinRandom latin squares
lozengeConway's lozenge algorithm for magic squares
magicCreates magic squares
magic.2np1Magic squares of odd order
magic.4nMagic squares of order 4n
magic.4np2Magic squares of order 4n+2
magic.8Regular magic squares of order 8
magic.constantMagic constant of a magic square or hypercube
magiccube.2np1Magic cubes of order 2n+1
magiccubesMagic cubes of order 3
magichypercube.4nMagic hypercubes of order 4n
magic-packageCreate and Investigate Magic Squares
magicplotJoins consecutive numbers of a magic square.
magic.primeMagic squares prime order
magic.productProduct of two magic squares
minmaxare all elements of a vector identical?
notmagic.2nAn unmagic square
nqueensN queens problem
OllerenshawA most perfect square due to Ollerenshaw
panmagic.4Panmagic squares of order 4
panmagic.6npm1Panmagic squares of order 4n, 6n+1 and 6n-1
panmagic.8Panmagic squares of order 8
perfectcube5A perfect magic cube of order 5
perfectcube6A perfect cube of order 6
processForce index arrays into range
recurseRecursively apply a permutation
samSparse antimagic squares
shiftShift origin of arrays and vectors
stracheyStrachey's algorithm for magic squares
subsumsSums of submatrices
transfFrenicle's equivalent magic squares
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