mapplots: Data Visualisation on Maps

Create simple maps; add sub-plots like pie plots to a map or any other plot; format, plot and export gridded data. The package was developed for displaying fisheries data but most functions can be used for more generic data visualisation.

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AuthorHans Gerritsen
Date of publication2014-10-30 19:34:53
MaintainerHans Gerritsen <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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add.pie Man page
barplot2D Man page
basemap Man page
breaks.grid Man page
coast Man page
draw.barplot2D Man page
draw.bubble Man page
draw.grid Man page
draw.pie Man page
draw.rect Man page
draw.shape Man page
draw.xy Man page
effort Man page
get.asp Man page
ices.rect Man page
ices.rect2 Man page
landings Man page Man page
legend.bubble Man page
legend.grid Man page
legend.pie Man page
make.grid Man page
make.multigrid Man page Man page
mapplots Man page
mapplots-package Man page
progressMsg Man page
setProgressMsg Man page
write.grid Man page

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