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Data visualisation on maps


Create simple maps; add sub-plots like pie plots to a map or any other plot; format, plot and export gridded data. The package was developed for displaying fisheries data but most functions can be used for more generic data visualisation. For a complete list of functions with individual help pages, use library(help="mapplots").


The starting point is generally the function basemap which creates a blank map (although most mapplots functions could be applied to any plot, not just maps). Coastlines or other features can be added to the map with the function draw.shape. ICES rectangles can also be displayed on the map and axes by draw.rect. The main purpose of this package is to visualise data on maps. For univariate data, the main functions are draw.bubble (bubble plots) and draw.grid (heat maps). Multivariate data can be displayed with draw.barplot2D ('square pie plots'), draw.pie (pie plots) and draw.xy (xy or barplots). Some of these have a specific function for displaying a legend: legend.bubble, legend.grid and legend.pie. The following functions can help to get data in the right format for plotting: make.grid and make.multigrid (to create grd objects for draw.grid) and (to create xyz objects for draw.barplot2D and draw.pie). Finally, there is a functions to export grd objects as csv or shapefiles: write.grid. The remaining functions are called by the main funcions listed above and were never intended to be used directly. However, they are documented and can be called directly.


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