Man pages for mapplots
Data Visualisation on Maps

add.pieAdd pie plot to existing plot
barplot2DDraw 2-dimensional barplots
basemapDraw a (blank) map
breaks.gridDefine breakpoints for colour scales
coastShapefile of the Irish and UK coastlines
draw.barplot2DDraw 2-dimensional barplots in an existing plot
draw.bubbleDraw bubble plots in an existing plot
draw.gridDisplay a grd object as a heatmap
draw.pieDraw pie plots in an existing plot
draw.rectDraw ICES rectangles in an existing plot
draw.shapeDraw shapefiles in an existing plot
draw.xyDraw xy sub-plots in an existing plot
effortSpatially disaggregated fishing effort and landings data
get.aspGet the current aspect ratio of a plot
ices.rectConvert ICES rectangles from or to geographical coordinates
landingsSpatially disaggregated landings data
legend.boxDefine location of a legend box.
legend.bubbleLegend for bubble plot
legend.gridLegend for
legend.pieLegend for pie plots
make.gridCreate grd object
make.multigridCreate a grd object
make.xyzCreate xyz object
mapplots-packageData visualisation on maps
progressMsgProgress message
write.gridExport a grd object as csv or shapefile
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