draw.xy: Draw xy sub-plots in an existing plot

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Draw xy sub-plots in an existing plot


This function is intended to draw xy-plots or barplots in existing maps or other plots.


draw.xy(x, y, xx, yy, xlim = NULL, ylim = NULL, width = 1, height = 0.5, bg = NULL, 
	border = 1, type = "p", col = 1, silent = TRUE, ...)


x, y

vectors with x and y-locations of the centre of the xy-plots.

xx, yy

vectors (of the same length as x) with the x and y-values of the xy-plots

xlim, ylim

the x and y-limits of the xy-plots. the same limits will apply to all xyplots. Defaults to range(xx) and range(yy).

width, height

the width and height of the xy-plot area (coordinate units of the main map or plot).


background colour of the xy-plots


the colour of the border of the xy-plots. NA will result in no border


the type of plot. See plot.default for possible values. Also see Details section below


a single colour or a vector of colours (same length as x) for the plotting symbols.


logical, should a progress message be displayed in the console? Defaults to FALSE.


other arguments to be passed to points


type = "h" will result in plots that resemble barplots. These are not true barplots as the x-axis is not categorical. However if suitable xx data are provided and lwd is tweaked correctly for the current graphical device it will result in adequate plots.


Hans Gerritsen


xlim <- c(-12,-5)
ylim <- c(51,54)
col <- terrain.colors(12)
effort$col <- col[match(effort$Month,1:12)]
basemap(xlim, ylim, main = "Monthly trends in haddock landings and fishing effort")
draw.rect(lty=1, col=1)
draw.shape(coast, col="cornsilk")
draw.xy(effort$Lon, effort$Lat, effort$Month, effort$LiveWeight, width=1, height=0.5,
 col=effort$col, type="h",lwd=3, border=NA)
draw.xy(effort$Lon, effort$Lat, effort$Month, effort$Effort, width=1, height=0.5, col="red",
 type="l", border=NA)
draw.xy(effort$Lon, effort$Lat, effort$Month, effort$Effort, width=1, height=0.5, col="red",
 type="p",cex=0.4,pch=16, border=NA)
legend("topleft", c(month.abb,"Effort"), pch=c(rep(22,12),16), pt.bg=c(col,NA),
 pt.cex=c(rep(2,12),0.8),col=c(rep(1,12),2), lty=c(rep(NA,12),1), bg="lightblue",
 inset=0.02, title="Landings", cex=0.8)

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