Man pages for marelac
Tools for Aquatic Sciences

air_densityAir Density
air_spechumAir specific humidity
AtmCompAtmospheric Gas Composition
AtomicWeightThe Atomic Weights of Chemical Elements
BathymetryWorld Bathymetric Data
ConstantsUseful Physical and Chemical Constants
convert_pConversion Between Different Barometric Units
convert_RtoSConductivity-Salinity Conversion
convert_salinityPractical - Absolute Salinity Conversions
convert_StoClSalinity-Chlorinity Conversion
convert_StoRSalinity-Conductivity Conversion
convert_TConversion Between Different Temperature Units
coriolisThe Coriolis Force as a Function of Latitude
diffcoeffMolecular Diffusion Coefficients
earth_surfSurface of 1 dg by 1 dg Cells of the Earth
gas_O2satSaturation Concentration of Oxygen in Water
gas_satconcSaturated Concentrations of Gases in Water
gas_schmidtThe Schmidt Number for Gases in Seawater
gas_solubilitySolubility Parameters
gas_transferThe Gas Transfer Coefficient in m/sec
gravityGravity on Earth
marelacTools for Aquatic Sciences
marelac-internalInternal Functions of the marelac Package
molvolMol to Liter Conversion for a Gas
molweightMolecular Weight of a Chemical Species
OceansUseful Characteristics of the Oceans
redfieldRedfield Ratio Calculator
ssd2radEstimate Global Radiation from Measured Sunshine Duration...
sw_adtgradAdiabatic Temperature Gradient in Seawater
sw_alphaThermal Expansion Coefficient of Seawater
sw_betaHaline Contraction Coefficient of Seawater
sw_compReference Sea Salt Composition
sw_conservConcentrations of (Conservative) Species in Seawater
sw_cpHeat Capacity of Sea Water
sw_densDensity of Sea Water
sw_depthWater Depth
sw_enthalpySpecific Enthalpy of Seawater
sw_entropySpecific Entropy of Seawater
sw_gibbsGibbs Function of Seawater
sw_kappaIsentropic Compressibility of Seawater
sw_kappa_tIsothermal Compressibility of Seawater
sw_sfacSalinity conversion factors
sw_svelVelocity of the Sound in Seawater
sw_tfreezeFreezing Temperature of Seawater
sw_tpotPotential Temperature of Seawater
vaporSaturation Water Vapor Pressure
vapor.hPaVapor Pressure
vertmeanVertical Volume Weighted Mean of Matter Concentrations in...
viscosityShear Viscosity of Water
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