gas_transfer: The Gas Transfer Coefficient in m/sec

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The Gas Transfer Coefficient in m/sec


The gas transfer coefficient, in m s^{-1}, for certain gases in seawater (S = 35).


gas_transfer(t = 25, u10 = 1, species = c("He", "Ne", "N2", "O2", "Ar",
        "Kr", "Rn", "CH4","CO2", "N2O", "CCl2F2", "CCL3F",
        "SF6", "CCl4"),
  method = c("Liss", "Nightingale", "Wanninkhof1", "Wanninkhof2"),
  Schmidt = gas_schmidt(t = t, species = species))



Temperature in ^\circC,


wind speed, in m/sec at a nominal height of 10 m above sea level,


character vector with gasses whose gas transfer coefficient should be estimated.


one of "Liss", for Liss and Merlivat, 1986; "Nightingale", for Nightingale et al., 2000; "Wanninkhof1", for Wanninkhof 1992, or "Wanninkhof2" for Wanninkhof and McGills 1999.


the Schmidt number, when given this overrules the arguments gas and t.


The gas transfer velocity, for seawater, in m s^{-1}.


Karline Soetaert <>


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See Also

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useq <- 0:15
plot(useq, gas_transfer(u10 = useq, species = "O2"), type = "l", lwd = 2, xlab = "u10, m/s",
     ylab = "m/s", main = "O2 gas transfer velocity", , ylim = c(0, 0.0003))
lines(useq, gas_transfer(u10 = useq, species = "O2", method = "Nightingale"), lwd = 2, lty = 2)
lines(useq, gas_transfer(u10 = useq, species = "O2", method = "Wanninkhof1"), lwd = 2, lty = 3)
lines(useq, gas_transfer(u10 = useq, species = "O2", method = "Wanninkhof2"), lwd = 2, lty = 4)

legend("topleft", lty = 1:4, lwd = 2,
  legend = c("Liss and Merlivat 1986", "Nightingale et al. 2000",
  "Wanninkhof 1992", "Wanninkhof and McGills 1999"))

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