Man pages for marinespeed
Benchmark Data Sets and Functions for Marine Species Distribution Modelling

geographic_filterFilter points based on distance to other points
get_backgroundGet background data
get_fold_dataGet fold data
get_foldsGet folds
get_occurrencesGet occurrence records
get_versionGet MarineSPEED version
kfold_dataGet the data associated with a fold
kfold_discCreate k disc based folds for cross-validation
kfold_gridCreate k grid based folds for cross-validation
kfold_occurrence_backgroundCreate k folds of occurrence and background data for...
lapply_kfold_speciesApply a function over the folds of a set of species
lapply_speciesApply a function over a set of species
list_speciesList species
marinespeedmarinespeed: Marine SPEcies and Environmental Data
plot_foldsplot folds
species_infoSpecies information
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