mclust: Gaussian Mixture Modelling for Model-Based Clustering, Classification, and Density Estimation

Gaussian finite mixture models fitted via EM algorithm for model-based clustering, classification, and density estimation, including Bayesian regularization, dimension reduction for visualisation, and resampling-based inference.

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AuthorChris Fraley [aut], Adrian E. Raftery [aut], Luca Scrucca [aut, cre], Thomas Brendan Murphy [ctb], Michael Fop [ctb]
Date of publication2017-03-13 13:18:28
MaintainerLuca Scrucca <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

acidity: Acidity data

adjustedRandIndex: Adjusted Rand Index

banknote: Swiss banknotes data

Baudry_etal_2010_JCGS_examples: Simulated Example Datasets From Baudry et al. (2010)

bic: BIC for Parameterized Gaussian Mixture Models

cdens: Component Density for Parameterized MVN Mixture Models

cdensE: Component Density for a Parameterized MVN Mixture Model

cdfMclust: Cumulative Distribution and Quantiles for a univariate...

chevron: Simulated minefield data

classError: Classification error

clPairs: Pairwise Scatter Plots showing Classification

clustCombi: Combining Gaussian Mixture Components for Clustering

clustCombi-internals: Internal clustCombi functions

combiPlot: Plot Classifications Corresponding to Successive Combined...

combMat: Combining Matrix

coordProj: Coordinate projections of multidimensional data modeled by an...

covw: Weighted means, covariance and scattering matrices...

cross: Simulated Cross Data

cvMclustDA: MclustDA cross-validation

decomp2sigma: Convert mixture component covariances to matrix form.

defaultPrior: Default conjugate prior for Gaussian mixtures.

dens: Density for Parameterized MVN Mixtures

densityMclust: Density Estimation via Model-Based Clustering

densityMclust.diagnostic: Diagnostic plots for 'mclustDensity' estimation

diabetes: Diabetes data

em: EM algorithm starting with E-step for parameterized Gaussian...

emControl: Set control values for use with the EM algorithm.

emE: EM algorithm starting with E-step for a parameterized...

entPlot: Plot Entropy Plots

errorBars: Draw error bars on a plot

estep: E-step for parameterized Gaussian mixture models.

estepE: E-step in the EM algorithm for a parameterized Gaussian...

GvHD: GvHD Dataset

hc: Model-based Hierarchical Clustering

hcE: Model-based Hierarchical Clustering

hclass: Classifications from Hierarchical Agglomeration

hypvol: Aproximate Hypervolume for Multivariate Data

icl: ICL for an estimated Gaussian Mixture Model

imputeData: Missing Data Imputation via the 'mix' package

imputePairs: Pairwise Scatter Plots showing Missing Data Imputations

logLik.Mclust: Log-Likelihood of a 'Mclust' object

logLik.MclustDA: Log-Likelihood of a 'MclustDA' object

map: Classification given Probabilities

mapClass: Correspondence between classifications.

Mclust: Model-Based Clustering

mclust1Dplot: Plot one-dimensional data modeled by an MVN mixture.

mclust2Dplot: Plot two-dimensional data modelled by an MVN mixture.

mclustBIC: BIC for Model-Based Clustering

MclustBootstrap: Resampling-based Inference for Gaussian finite mixture models

mclustBootstrapLRT: Bootstrap Likelihood Ratio Test for the Number of Mixture...

MclustDA: MclustDA discriminant analysis

mclust-deprecated: Deprecated Functions in mclust package

MclustDR: Dimension reduction for model-based clustering and...

mclustICL: ICL Criterion for Model-Based Clustering

mclust-internal: Internal MCLUST functions

mclustModel: Best model based on BIC

mclustModelNames: MCLUST Model Names

mclust.options: Default values for use with MCLUST package

mclust-package: Normal Mixture Modeling for Model-Based Clustering,...

mclustVariance: Template for variance specification for parameterized...

me: EM algorithm starting with M-step for parameterized MVN...

meE: EM algorithm starting with M-step for a parameterized...

me.weighted: EM algorithm with weights starting with M-step for...

mstep: M-step for parameterized Gaussian mixture models.

mstepE: M-step for a parameterized Gaussian mixture model.

mvn: Univariate or Multivariate Normal Fit

mvnX: Univariate or Multivariate Normal Fit

nMclustParams: Number of Estimated Parameters in Gaussian Mixture Models

nVarParams: Number of Variance Parameters in Gaussian Mixture Models

partconv: Numeric Encoding of a Partitioning

partuniq: Classifies Data According to Unique Observations

plot.clustCombi: Plot Combined Clusterings Results

plot.densityMclust: Plots for Mixture-Based Density Estimate

plot.Mclust: Plot Model-Based Clustering Results

plot.mclustBIC: BIC Plot for Model-Based Clustering

plot.MclustBoostrap: Plot of bootstrap distributions for mixture model parameters

plot.MclustDA: Plotting method for MclustDA discriminant analysis

plot.MclustDR: Plotting method for dimension reduction for model-based...

plot.mclustICL: ICL Plot for Model-Based Clustering

predict.densityMclust: Density estimate of multivariate observations by Gaussian...

predict.Mclust: Cluster multivariate observations by Gaussian finite mixture...

predict.MclustDA: Classify multivariate observations by Gaussian finite mixture...

predict.MclustDR: Classify multivariate observations on a dimension reduced...

print.clustCombi: Displays Combined Clusterings Results

priorControl: Conjugate Prior for Gaussian Mixtures.

randomPairs: Random hierarchical structure

randProj: Random projections of multidimensional data modeled by an MVN...

sigma2decomp: Convert mixture component covariances to decomposition form.

sim: Simulate from Parameterized MVN Mixture Models

simE: Simulate from a Parameterized MVN Mixture Model

summary.Mclust: Summarizing Gaussian Finite Mixture Model Fits

summary.mclustBIC: Summary function for model-based clustering via BIC

summary.MclustBootstrap: Summary Function for Bootstrap Inference for Gaussian Finite...

summary.MclustDA: Summarizing discriminant analysis based on Gaussian finite...

summary.MclustDR: Summarizing dimension reduction method for model-based...

surfacePlot: Density or uncertainty surface for bivariate mixtures.

thyroid: Thyroid gland data

uncerPlot: Uncertainty Plot for Model-Based Clustering

unmap: Indicator Variables given Classification

wreath: Data Simulated from a 14-Component Mixture


acidity Man page
adjustedRandIndex Man page
as.densityMclust Man page
as.densityMclust.default Man page
as.densityMclust.Mclust Man page
as.Mclust Man page
as.Mclust.default Man page
balanced.folds Man page
banknote Man page
Baudry_etal_2010_JCGS_examples Man page
bic Man page
bicEMtrain Man page
bicFill Man page
cdens Man page
cdensE Man page
cdensEEE Man page
cdensEEI Man page
cdensEEV Man page
cdensEII Man page
cdensEVE Man page
cdensEVI Man page
cdensEVV Man page
cdensV Man page
cdensVEE Man page
cdensVEI Man page
cdensVEV Man page
cdensVII Man page
cdensVVE Man page
cdensVVI Man page
cdensVVV Man page
cdensX Man page
cdensXII Man page
cdensXXI Man page
cdensXXX Man page
cdfMclust Man page
charconv Man page
checkModelName Man page
chevron Man page
classError Man page
clPairs Man page
clPairsLegend Man page
clustCombi Man page
combi Man page
combiPlot Man page
combMat Man page
coordProj Man page
covw Man page
cross Man page
cv1EMtrain Man page
cvMclustDA Man page
cv.MclustDA Man page
decomp2sigma Man page
defaultPrior Man page
dens Man page
densityMclust Man page
densityMclust.diagnostic Man page
diabetes Man page
dmvnorm Man page
eigen.decomp Man page
ellipse Man page
em Man page
EMclust Man page
emControl Man page
emE Man page
emEEE Man page
emEEI Man page
emEEV Man page
emEII Man page
emEVE Man page
emEVI Man page
emEVV Man page
emV Man page
emVEE Man page
emVEI Man page
emVEV Man page
emVII Man page
emVVE Man page
emVVI Man page
emVVV Man page
emX Man page
emXII Man page
emXXI Man page
emXXX Man page
entPlot Man page
errorBars Man page
estep Man page
estepE Man page
estepEEE Man page
estepEEI Man page
estepEEV Man page
estepEII Man page
estepEVE Man page
estepEVI Man page
estepEVV Man page
estepV Man page
estepVEE Man page
estepVEI Man page
estepVEV Man page
estepVII Man page
estepVVE Man page
estepVVI Man page
estepVVV Man page
ex4.1 Man page
ex4.2 Man page
ex4.3 Man page
ex4.4.1 Man page
ex4.4.2 Man page
getParameters.MclustDA Man page
grid1 Man page
grid2 Man page
GvHD Man page
GvHD.control Man page
GvHD.pos Man page
hc Man page
hcE Man page
hcEEE Man page
hcEII Man page
hclass Man page
hcV Man page
hcVII Man page
hcVVV Man page
hypvol Man page
icl Man page
imputeData Man page
imputePairs Man page
logLik.Mclust Man page
logLik.MclustDA Man page
map Man page
mapClass Man page
mclust Man page
Mclust Man page
mclust1Dplot Man page
mclust2Dplot Man page
mclustBIC Man page
[.mclustBIC Man page
MclustBootstrap Man page
mclustBootstrapLRT Man page
MclustDA Man page
MclustDR Man page
mclustICL Man page
mclustModel Man page
mclustModelNames Man page
mclust.options Man page
mclust-package Man page
mclustVariance Man page
me Man page
meE Man page
meEEE Man page
meEEI Man page
meEEV Man page
meEII Man page
meEVE Man page
meEVI Man page
meEVV Man page
meV Man page
meVEE Man page
meVEI Man page
meVEV Man page
meVII Man page
meVVE Man page
meVVI Man page
meVVV Man page
me.weighted Man page
meX Man page
meXII Man page
meXXI Man page
meXXX Man page
mstep Man page
mstepE Man page
mstepEEE Man page
mstepEEI Man page
mstepEEV Man page
mstepEII Man page
mstepEVE Man page
mstepEVI Man page
mstepEVV Man page
mstepV Man page
mstepVEE Man page
mstepVEI Man page
mstepVEV Man page
mstepVII Man page
mstepVVE Man page
mstepVVI Man page
mstepVVV Man page
mvdnorm Man page
mvn Man page
mvn2plot Man page
mvnX Man page
mvnXII Man page
mvnXXI Man page
mvnXXX Man page
nMclustParams Man page
nVarParams Man page
orth2 Man page
partconv Man page
partuniq Man page
pcws2_reg Man page
pcws3_reg Man page
permute.rows Man page
pickBIC Man page
plot.clustCombi Man page
plot.densityMclust Man page
plotDensityMclust1 Man page
plotDensityMclust2 Man page
plotDensityMclustd Man page
plotEvalues.MclustDR Man page
plot.Mclust Man page
plot.mclustBIC Man page
plot.MclustBootstrap Man page
plot.mclustBootstrapLRT Man page
plot.MclustDA Man page
plot.MclustDR Man page
plot.mclustICL Man page
predict2D.MclustDR Man page
predict.densityMclust Man page
predict.Mclust Man page
predict.MclustDA Man page
predict.MclustDR Man page
print.clustCombi Man page
print.hc Man page
print.Mclust Man page
print.mclustBIC Man page
print.MclustBootstrap Man page
print.mclustBootstrapLRT Man page
print.MclustDA Man page
print.MclustDR Man page
print.mclustICL Man page
print.summary.Mclust Man page
print.summary.mclustBIC Man page
printSummaryMclustBIC Man page
printSummaryMclustBICn Man page
print.summary.MclustBootstrap Man page
print.summary.MclustDA Man page
print.summary.MclustDR Man page
print.summary.mclustICL Man page
priorControl Man page
projdir.MclustDR Man page
projpar.MclustDR Man page
qclass Man page
quantileMclust Man page
randomPairs Man page
randProj Man page
shapeO Man page
sigma2decomp Man page
sim Man page
simE Man page
simEEE Man page
simEEI Man page
simEEV Man page
simEII Man page
simEVE Man page
simEVI Man page
simEVV Man page
simV Man page
simVEE Man page
simVEI Man page
simVEV Man page
simVII Man page
simVVE Man page
simVVI Man page
simVVV Man page
summary.Mclust Man page
summary.mclustBIC Man page
summaryMclustBIC Man page
summaryMclustBICn Man page
summary.MclustBootstrap Man page
summary.MclustDA Man page
summary.MclustDR Man page
summary.mclustICL Man page
surfacePlot Man page
Test1D Man page
thyroid Man page
traceW Man page
uncerPlot Man page
unchol Man page
unmap Man page
vecnorm Man page
wreath Man page
xlog Man page


R/mclust.R R/mclustdr.R R/bootstrap.R R/mclustaddson.R R/densityMclust.R R/mclustda.R R/icl.R R/weights.R R/clustCombi.R R/options.R R/init.R R/util.R R/zzz.R
man/em.Rd man/simE.Rd man/acidity.Rd man/surfacePlot.Rd man/me.Rd man/logLik.MclustDA.Rd man/dens.Rd man/meE.Rd man/densityMclust.Rd man/hypvol.Rd man/clustCombi.Rd man/plot.densityMclust.Rd man/mclustVariance.Rd man/plot.MclustDR.Rd man/estep.Rd man/chevron.Rd man/map.Rd man/mclust-package.Rd man/mclust2Dplot.Rd man/partuniq.Rd man/plot.clustCombi.Rd man/classError.Rd man/wreath.Rd man/logLik.Mclust.Rd man/mclustBIC.Rd man/combMat.Rd man/Baudry_etal_2010_JCGS_examples.Rd man/MclustBootstrap.Rd man/mclustICL.Rd man/mvnX.Rd man/plot.mclustBIC.Rd man/errorBars.Rd man/priorControl.Rd man/mstepE.Rd man/estepE.Rd man/cross.Rd man/clustCombi-internals.Rd man/hclass.Rd man/mclustBootstrapLRT.Rd man/adjustedRandIndex.Rd man/imputePairs.Rd man/mclustModelNames.Rd man/randProj.Rd man/summary.mclustBIC.Rd man/mapClass.Rd man/emE.Rd man/summary.Mclust.Rd man/bic.Rd man/emControl.Rd man/cdensE.Rd man/randomPairs.Rd man/partconv.Rd man/mclust-internal.Rd man/entPlot.Rd man/GvHD.Rd man/predict.Mclust.Rd man/decomp2sigma.Rd man/MclustDA.Rd man/mstep.Rd man/print.clustCombi.Rd man/nVarParams.Rd man/predict.MclustDR.Rd man/cdens.Rd man/unmap.Rd man/mclustModel.Rd man/hcE.Rd man/hc.Rd man/coordProj.Rd man/cdfMclust.Rd man/densityMclust.diagnostic.Rd man/cvMclustDA.Rd man/combiPlot.Rd man/mclust1Dplot.Rd man/clPairs.Rd man/banknote.Rd man/plot.mclustICL.Rd man/covw.Rd man/summary.MclustDR.Rd man/predict.MclustDA.Rd man/thyroid.Rd man/Mclust.Rd man/plot.MclustDA.Rd man/mvn.Rd man/imputeData.Rd man/diabetes.Rd man/MclustDR.Rd man/summary.MclustDA.Rd man/summary.MclustBootstrap.Rd man/plot.Mclust.Rd man/uncerPlot.Rd man/sigma2decomp.Rd man/nMclustParams.Rd man/mclust.options.Rd man/icl.Rd man/me.weighted.Rd man/mclust-deprecated.Rd man/plot.MclustBoostrap.Rd man/sim.Rd man/predict.densityMclust.Rd man/defaultPrior.Rd

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