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Gaussian Mixture Modelling for Model-Based Clustering, Classification, and Density Estimation

acidityAcidity data
adjustedRandIndexAdjusted Rand Index
banknoteSwiss banknotes data
Baudry_etal_2010_JCGS_examplesSimulated Example Datasets From Baudry et al. (2010)
bicBIC for Parameterized Gaussian Mixture Models
cdensComponent Density for Parameterized MVN Mixture Models
cdensEComponent Density for a Parameterized MVN Mixture Model
cdfMclustCumulative Distribution and Quantiles for a univariate...
chevronSimulated minefield data
classErrorClassification error
clPairsPairwise Scatter Plots showing Classification
clustCombiCombining Gaussian Mixture Components for Clustering
clustCombi-internalsInternal clustCombi functions
clustCombiOptimOptimal number of clusters obtained by combining mixture...
combiPlotPlot Classifications Corresponding to Successive Combined...
combiTreeTree structure obtained from combining mixture components
combMatCombining Matrix
coordProjCoordinate projections of multidimensional data modeled by an...
covwWeighted means, covariance and scattering matrices...
crossSimulated Cross Data
cvMclustDAMclustDA cross-validation
decomp2sigmaConvert mixture component covariances to matrix form.
defaultPriorDefault conjugate prior for Gaussian mixtures.
densDensity for Parameterized MVN Mixtures
densityMclustDensity Estimation via Model-Based Clustering
densityMclust.diagnosticDiagnostic plots for 'mclustDensity' estimation
diabetesDiabetes data
emEM algorithm starting with E-step for parameterized Gaussian...
emControlSet control values for use with the EM algorithm.
emEEM algorithm starting with E-step for a parameterized...
entPlotPlot Entropy Plots
errorBarsDraw error bars on a plot
estepE-step for parameterized Gaussian mixture models.
estepEE-step in the EM algorithm for a parameterized Gaussian...
gmmhdIdentifying Connected Components in Gaussian Finite Mixture...
GvHDGvHD Dataset
hcModel-based Hierarchical Clustering
hcEModel-based Hierarchical Clustering
hclassClassifications from Hierarchical Agglomeration
hdrlevelsHighest Density Region (HDR) Levels
hypvolAproximate Hypervolume for Multivariate Data
iclICL for an estimated Gaussian Mixture Model
imputeDataMissing data imputation via the 'mix' package
imputePairsPairwise Scatter Plots showing Missing Data Imputations
logLik.MclustLog-Likelihood of a 'Mclust' object
logLik.MclustDALog-Likelihood of a 'MclustDA' object
majorityVoteMajority vote
mapClassification given Probabilities
mapClassCorrespondence between classifications.
MclustModel-Based Clustering
mclust1DplotPlot one-dimensional data modeled by an MVN mixture.
mclust2DplotPlot two-dimensional data modelled by an MVN mixture.
mclustBICBIC for Model-Based Clustering
mclustBICupdateUpdate BIC values for parameterized Gaussian mixture models
MclustBootstrapResampling-based Inference for Gaussian finite mixture models
mclustBootstrapLRTBootstrap Likelihood Ratio Test for the Number of Mixture...
MclustDAMclustDA discriminant analysis
mclust-deprecatedDeprecated Functions in mclust package
MclustDRDimension reduction for model-based clustering and...
MclustDRsubselSubset selection for GMMDR directions based on BIC.
mclustICLICL Criterion for Model-Based Clustering
mclust-internalInternal MCLUST functions
mclustLoglikLog-likelihood from a table of BIC values for parameterized...
mclustModelBest model based on BIC
mclustModelNamesMCLUST Model Names
mclust.optionsDefault values for use with MCLUST package
mclust-packageGaussian Mixture Modelling for Model-Based Clustering,...
mclustVarianceTemplate for variance specification for parameterized...
meEM algorithm starting with M-step for parameterized MVN...
meEEM algorithm starting with M-step for a parameterized...
me.weightedEM algorithm with weights starting with M-step for...
mstepM-step for parameterized Gaussian mixture models.
mstepEM-step for a parameterized Gaussian mixture model.
mvnUnivariate or Multivariate Normal Fit
mvnXUnivariate or Multivariate Normal Fit
nMclustParamsNumber of Estimated Parameters in Gaussian Mixture Models
nVarParamsNumber of Variance Parameters in Gaussian Mixture Models
partconvNumeric Encoding of a Partitioning
partuniqClassifies Data According to Unique Observations
plot.clustCombiPlot Combined Clusterings Results
plot.densityMclustPlots for Mixture-Based Density Estimate
plot.MclustPlot Model-Based Clustering Results
plot.mclustBICBIC Plot for Model-Based Clustering
plot.MclustBoostrapPlot of bootstrap distributions for mixture model parameters
plot.MclustDAPlotting method for MclustDA discriminant analysis
plot.MclustDRPlotting method for dimension reduction for model-based...
plot.mclustICLICL Plot for Model-Based Clustering
predict.densityMclustDensity estimate of multivariate observations by Gaussian...
predict.MclustCluster multivariate observations by Gaussian finite mixture...
predict.MclustDAClassify multivariate observations by Gaussian finite mixture...
predict.MclustDRClassify multivariate observations on a dimension reduced...
priorControlConjugate Prior for Gaussian Mixtures.
randomPairsRandom hierarchical structure
randProjRandom projections of multidimensional data modeled by an MVN...
sigma2decompConvert mixture component covariances to decomposition form.
simSimulate from Parameterized MVN Mixture Models
simESimulate from a Parameterized MVN Mixture Model
summary.MclustSummarizing Gaussian Finite Mixture Model Fits
summary.mclustBICSummary function for model-based clustering via BIC
summary.MclustBootstrapSummary Function for Bootstrap Inference for Gaussian Finite...
summary.MclustDASummarizing discriminant analysis based on Gaussian finite...
summary.MclustDRSummarizing dimension reduction method for model-based...
surfacePlotDensity or uncertainty surface for bivariate mixtures
thyroidThyroid gland data
uncerPlotUncertainty Plot for Model-Based Clustering
unmapIndicator Variables given Classification
wreathData Simulated from a 14-Component Mixture
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