Man pages for meaRtools
Micro-Electro Array (MEA) Analysis

add_plateinfoProvide information about a new MEA plate format.
aggregate_featuresAggregate Feature Data
calc_burst_distributionscalculate and plot burst featues distributions
calc_burst_summaryCalculate average and standard deviation of the bursting...
calculate_burst_featuresFilter spikes and bursts in recording objects
calculate_entropy_and_miCalculate Entropy and mututal information for each treatment...
calculate_isisCalculate inter spike intervals
calculate_network_burstsCompute network bursts for a list of MEA recordings.
calculate_network_spikesCompute the netwrok spikes statistics from spike lists.
calculate_spike_featuresFilter spikes and bursts in recording objects
compute_mean_sttc_by_wellCompute the mean STTC averaged across all pairwise electrodes...
compute_sttc_by_wellCompute the STTC across all pairwise electrodes in well
count_nsCount number of spikes within evenly spaced time...
dist_permBurst distribution permutations
filter_nonactive_spikesFilter nonactive spikes from recordings
filter_wellsFilter wells
frate_countsEstimate population firing rate using fixed-width time bins.
get_burst_infoget burst feature information
get_plateinfoReturn information about an MEA plate format
get_wtGet WT
has_network_spikesA utility function to check if network spikes are detected.
load_spikelistLoad Robject File
mi_find_burstsFind bursts
nb_matrix_to_feature_dfsConvert network burst data matrix to a list of data frames.
parametersA list of parameters with default values that user can...
permute_features_and_plotWrite PDF
plateinfoMEA plate information
plot_network_spikesGeneric method for plotting network spikes.
plot_plate_summary_for_burstsPlot burst features
plot.sttcpPlot the STTCP
publicationsShow list of publications that have used this package
read_spikelistAxion convert spk_list to r_object
read_spikelist_textConstruct an MEA object by importing from text files.
run_TMcppCompute STCC direct in Cpp
Sexample 'S' object
si_find_burstsFind bursts
sttcCompute STTC for a pair of spike trains
sttc_allspikes1Compute STTC for all pairs of spike trains
sttcp_abCompute STTC profile for two spike trains
summarize_network_spikesGenerate network spikes based features.
tiling_correlogramcppCompute all STTPs for a set of spike trains
tiling_correlogramcpp_indexCompute STTPs for just two spike trains, A and B
write_features_to_filesWrite feature data to an output file
write_network_spikes_to_csvSummarize and write netowrk spikes features into a csv file.
write_plate_summary_for_burstsPrints bursting features
xyplot_network_spikesxyplot for network spikes at the plate level.
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