Man pages for meconetcomp
Compare Microbial Networks of 'trans_network' Class of 'microeco' Package

cal_moduleAssign modules to each network
cal_network_attrCalculate network topological property for each network
edge_compGenerate a 'microtable' object with paired nodes...
edge_node_distancePerform the distance distribution of paired nodes in edges...
edge_tax_compTaxonomic sum of linked nodes in edges across networks
get_edge_tableGet edge property table for each network
get_node_tableGet node property table for each network
meconetcompIntroduction to meconetcomp package...
node_compGenerate a microtable object with node distributions across...
robustnessCalculate robustness across networks.
soil_ampThe soil_amp data
soil_amp_networkThe soil_amp_network data
soil_measure_diversityThe soil_measure_diversity data
stool_metThe stool_met data
subnet_propertyCalculate properties of sub-networks selected according to...
subset_networkExtract subset of network according to the edge intersection...
vulnerabilityCalculate the vulnerability of each node for each network
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