Man pages for mitml
Tools for Multiple Imputation in Multilevel Modeling

amelia2mitml.listConvert objects of class 'amelia' to 'mitml.list'
anova.mitml.resultCompare several nested models
as.mitml.listConvert a list of data sets to 'mitml.list'
clusterMeansCalculate cluster means
is.mitml.listCheck if an object is of class 'mitml.list'
jomoImputeImpute single-level and multilevel missing data using 'jomo'
justiceExample data set on employees' justice perceptions and...
leadershipExample data set on leadership style and job satisfaction
long2mitml.listConvert imputations from long format to 'mitml.list'
methods-mitml.listConcatenate lists of imputed data sets
methods-mitml.testEstimatesSummarize and extract pooled parameter estimates
mids2mitml.listConvert objects of class 'mids' to 'mitml.list'
mitmlCompleteExtract imputed data sets
mitml.list2midsConvert objects of class 'mitml.list' to 'mids'
mitml-packagemitml: Tools for multiple imputation in multilevel modeling
multilevelR2Calculate R-squared measures for multilevel models
panImputeImpute multilevel missing data using 'pan'
plot.mitmlPrint diagnostic plots
read.mitmlRead 'mitml' objects from file
sort.mitml.listSort a list of imputed data sets
studentratingsExample data set on student ratings and achievement
subset.mitml.listSubset a list of imputed data sets
summary.mitmlSummary measures for imputation models
testConstraintsTest functions and constraints of model parameters
testEstimatesCompute final estimates and inferences
testModelsTest multiple parameters and compare nested models
with.mitml.listEvaluate an expression in a list of imputed data sets
write.mitmlWrite 'mitml' objects to file
write.mitmlMplusWrite 'mitml' objects to Mplus format
write.mitmlSAVWrite 'mitml' objects to native SPSS format
write.mitmlSPSSWrite 'mitml' objects to SPSS compatible format
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