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Extract imputed data sets


This function extracts imputed data sets from mitml class objects as produced by panImpute and jomoImpute.


mitmlComplete(x, print = "all", force.list = FALSE)



An object of class mitml as produced by panImpute or jomoImpute.


Either an integer vector, "list", or "all" denoting which data sets to extract. If set to "list" or "all", all imputed data sets will be returned as a list. Negative values and zero return the original (incomplete) data set. Default is "all".


(optional) Logical flag indicating if single data sets should be enclosed in a list. Default is FALSE.


Usually a list of imputed data with class mitml.list If only one data set is extracted: a data frame unless force.list = TRUE.


Simon Grund

See Also

panImpute, jomoImpute



fml <- ReadDis + SES ~ ReadAchiev + (1|ID)
imp <- panImpute(studentratings, formula = fml, n.burn = 1000, n.iter = 100, m = 5)

# extract original (incomplete) data set
mitmlComplete(imp, print = 0)

# extract first imputed data set (returned as mitml.list)
mitmlComplete(imp, print = 1, force.list = TRUE)

# extract all imputed data sets at once
implist <- mitmlComplete(imp, print = "all")

## Not run: 
# ... alternatives with same results
implist <- mitmlComplete(imp, print = 1:5)
implist <- mitmlComplete(imp, print = "list")

## End(Not run)

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