mixtools: Tools for Analyzing Finite Mixture Models

Analyzes finite mixture models for various parametric and semiparametric settings. This includes mixtures of parametric distributions (normal, multivariate normal, multinomial, gamma), various Reliability Mixture Models (RMMs), mixtures-of-regressions settings (linear regression, logistic regression, Poisson regression, linear regression with changepoints, predictor-dependent mixing proportions, random effects regressions, hierarchical mixtures-of-experts), and tools for selecting the number of components (bootstrapping the likelihood ratio test statistic and model selection criteria). Bayesian estimation of mixtures-of-linear-regressions models is available as well as a novel data depth method for obtaining credible bands. This package is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. SES-0518772.

AuthorDerek Young [aut, cre], Tatiana Benaglia [aut], Didier Chauveau [aut], David Hunter [aut], Ryan Elmore [ctb], Thomas Hettmansperger [ctb], Hoben Thomas [ctb], Fengjuan Xuan [ctb]
Date of publication2017-03-10 08:50:20
MaintainerDerek Young <derek.young@uky.edu>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

aug.x: Augmented Predictor Function

boot.comp: Performs Parametric Bootstrap for Sequentially Testing the...

boot.se: Performs Parametric Bootstrap for Standard Error...

CO2data: GNP and CO2 Data Set

compCDF: Plot the Component CDF

ddirichlet: Density Function for the Dirichlet Distribution

density.npEM: Normal kernel density estimate for nonparametric EM output

density.spEM: Normal kernel density estimate for semiparametric EM output

depth: Elliptical and Spherical Depth

dmvnorm: The Multivariate Normal Density

ellipse: Draw Two-Dimensional Ellipse Based on Mean and Covariance

expRMM_EM: EM algorithm for Reliability Mixture Models (RMM) with right...

flaremixEM: EM Algorithm for Mixtures of Regressions with Flare

gammamixEM: EM Algorithm for Mixtures of Gamma Distributions

Habituationdata: Infant habituation data

hmeEM: EM Algorithm for Mixtures-of-Experts

initializations: Initializations for Various EM Algorithms in 'mixtools'

ise.npEM: Integrated Squared Error for a selected density from npEM...

lambda: Local Estimation for Lambda in Mixtures of Regressions

lambda.pert: Perturbation of Mixing Proportions

ldmult: Log-Density for Multinomial Distribution

logisregmixEM: EM Algorithm for Mixtures of Logistic Regressions

makemultdata: Produce Cutpoint Multinomial Data

matsqrt: Calculates the Square Root of a Diagonalizable Matrix

mixtools-internal: Internal 'mixtools' Functions

multmixEM: EM Algorithm for Mixtures of Multinomials

multmixmodel.sel: Model Selection Mixtures of Multinomials

mvnormalmixEM: EM Algorithm for Mixtures of Multivariate Normals

mvnpEM: EM-like Algorithm for Nonparametric Mixture Models with...

NOdata: Ethanol Fuel Data Set

normalmixEM: EM Algorithm for Mixtures of Univariate Normals

normalmixEM2comp: Fast EM Algorithm for 2-Component Mixtures of Univariate...

normalmixMMlc: EC-MM Algorithm for Mixtures of Univariate Normals with...

npEM: Nonparametric EM-like Algorithm for Mixtures of Independent...

npMSL: Nonparametric EM-like Algorithm for Mixtures of Independent...

parseconstraint: Constraint Function

perm: Permutation Function

plotexpRMM: Plot sequences from the EM algorithm for censored mixture of...

plotFDR: Plot False Discovery Rate (FDR) estimates from output by...

plot.MCMC: Various Plots Pertaining to Mixture Model Output Using MCMC...

plot.mixEM: Various Plots Pertaining to Mixture Models

plot.mvnpEM: Plots of Marginal Density Estimates from the mvnpEM Algorithm...

plot.npEM: Plot Nonparametric or Semiparametric EM Output

plotseq.npEM: Plotting sequences of estimates from non- or semiparametric...

plot.spEMN01: Plot mixture pdf for the semiparametric mixture model output...

plotspRMM: Plot output from Stochastic EM algorithm for semiparametric...

plotweibullRMM: Plot sequences from the Stochastic EM algorithm for mixture...

poisregmixEM: EM Algorithm for Mixtures of Poisson Regressions

post.beta: Summary of Posterior Regression Coefficients in Mixtures of...

print.mvnpEM: Printing of Results from the mvnpEM Algorithm Output

print.npEM: Printing non- and semi-parametric multivariate mixture model...

RanEffdata: Simulated Data from 2-Component Mixture of Regressions with...

regcr: Add a Confidence Region or Bayesian Credible Region for...

regmixEM: EM Algorithm for Mixtures of Regressions

regmixEM.lambda: EM Algorithm for Mixtures of Regressions with Local Lambda...

regmixEM.loc: Iterative Algorithm Using EM Algorithm for Mixtures of...

regmixEM.mixed: EM Algorithm for Mixtures of Regressions with Random Effects

regmixMH: Metropolis-Hastings Algorithm for Mixtures of Regressions

regmixmodel.sel: Model Selection in Mixtures of Regressions

repnormmixEM: EM Algorithm for Mixtures of Normals with Repeated...

repnormmixmodel.sel: Model Selection in Mixtures of Normals with Repeated Measures

rexpmix: Simulate from Mixtures of Exponentials

rmvnorm: Simulate from a Multivariate Normal Distribution

rmvnormmix: Simulate from Multivariate (repeated measures) Mixtures of...

rnormmix: Simulate from Mixtures of Normals

RodFramedata: Rod and Frame Task Data Set

RTdata: Reaction Time (RT) Data Set

RTdata2: Reaction Time (RT) Data Set \# 2

rweibullmix: Simulate from Mixtures of Weibull distributions

segregmixEM: ECM Algorithm for Mixtures of Regressions with Changepoints

spEM: Semiparametric EM-like Algorithm for Mixtures of Independent...

spEMsymloc: Semiparametric EM-like Algorithm for univariate symmetric...

spEMsymlocN01: semiparametric EM-like algorithm for univariate mixture in...

spregmix: EM-like Algorithm for Semiparametric Mixtures of Regressions

spRMM_SEM: Stochastic EM algorithm for semiparametric scaled mixture of...

summary.mixEM: Summarizing EM mixture model fits

summary.mvnpEM: Summarizing Fits for Nonparametric Mixture Models with...

summary.npEM: Summarizing non- and semi-parametric multivariate mixture...

summary.spRMM: Summarizing fits from Stochastic EM algorithm for...

tauequivnormalmixEM: Special EM Algorithm for three-component tau equivalence...

test.equality: Performs Chi-Square Tests for Scale and Location Mixtures

test.equality.mixed: Performs Chi-Square Test for Mixed Effects Mixtures

tonedata: Tone perception data

try.flare: Mixtures of Regressions with Flare MM Algorithm

Waterdata: Water-Level Task Data Set

weibullRMM_SEM: St-EM algorithm for Reliability Mixture Models (RMM) of...

wkde: Weighted Univariate (Normal) Kernel Density Estimate

wquantile: Weighted quantiles


aug.x Man page
boot.comp Man page
boot.se Man page
CO2data Man page
compCDF Man page
ddirichlet Man page
density.npEM Man page
density.spEM Man page
depth Man page
dexpmixt Man page
dmvnorm Man page
ellipse Man page
expRMM_EM Man page
flaremixEM Man page
flaremix.init Man page
gammamixEM Man page
gammamix.init Man page
Habituationdata Man page
hmeEM Man page
HRkde Man page
inv.logit Man page
ise.npEM Man page
kern.B Man page
kern.C Man page
kern.G Man page
kern.O Man page
kern.T Man page
kfoldCV Man page
KMintegrate Man page
KMod Man page
lambda Man page
lambda.pert Man page
ldmult Man page
logdmvnorm Man page
logisregmixEM Man page
logisregmix.init Man page
logit Man page
makemultdata Man page
matsqrt Man page
multmixEM Man page
multmix.init Man page
multmixmodel.sel Man page
mvnormalmixEM Man page
mvnormalmix.init Man page
mvnpEM Man page
NOdata Man page
normalmixEM Man page
normalmixEM2comp Man page
normalmix.init Man page
normalmixMMlc Man page
normmixrm.sim Man page
normmix.sim Man page
npEM Man page
npEMindrep Man page
npEMindrepbw Man page
npMSL Man page
npMSL_old Man page
parse.constraints Man page
perm Man page
plotexpRMM Man page
plotFDR Man page
plot.mixEM Man page
plot.mixMCMC Man page
plot.mvnpEM Man page
plot.npEM Man page
plotseq Man page
plotseq.npEM Man page
plot.spEM Man page
plot.spEMN01 Man page
plotspRMM Man page
plotweibullRMM Man page
poisregmixEM Man page
poisregmix.init Man page
post.beta Man page
print.mvnpEM Man page
print.npEM Man page
print.summary.mvnpEM Man page
print.summary.npEM Man page
RanEffdata Man page
regcr Man page
regmix.chgpt.init Man page
regmixEM Man page
regmixEM.chgpt Man page
regmixEM.lambda Man page
regmixEM.loc Man page
regmixEM.mixed Man page
regmix.init Man page
regmix.lambda.init Man page
regmixMH Man page
regmix.mixed.init Man page
regmixmodel.sel Man page
repnormmixEM Man page
repnormmix.init Man page
repnormmixmodel.sel Man page
rexpmix Man page
rlnormscalemix Man page
rmvnorm Man page
rmvnormmix Man page
rnormmix Man page
RodFramedata Man page
RTdata Man page
RTdata2 Man page
rweibullmix Man page
segregmixEM Man page
segregmix.init Man page
spEM Man page
spEMsymloc Man page
spEMsymlocN01 Man page
splitsample Man page
spregmix Man page
spRMM_SEM Man page
summary.mixEM Man page
summary.mvnpEM Man page
summary.npEM Man page
summary.spRMM Man page
tauequivnormalmixEM Man page
test.equality Man page
test.equality.mixed Man page
tonedata Man page
triang_wkde Man page
try.flare Man page
Waterdata Man page
WaterdataFull Man page
wbw.kCV Man page
weibullRMM_SEM Man page
wIQR Man page
wkde Man page
wkde.symm Man page
wquantile Man page


mixtools/R/poisregmixEM.R mixtools/R/kernG.R mixtools/R/perm.R mixtools/R/spregmix.R mixtools/R/regmixEMmixed.R mixtools/R/summary.npEM.R mixtools/R/bootse.R mixtools/R/spEM.R mixtools/R/npMSL.R mixtools/R/regmixEMlambda.R mixtools/R/regmix.init.R mixtools/R/bootcomp.R mixtools/R/augx.R mixtools/R/testmixedequality.R mixtools/R/normalmixEM2comp.R mixtools/R/tauequivnormalmixEM.R mixtools/R/segregmixinit.R mixtools/R/regmixmodelsel.R mixtools/R/rmvnorm.R mixtools/R/regmixmixedinit.R mixtools/R/lambdapert.R mixtools/R/regmixEM.R mixtools/R/depth.R mixtools/R/kernT.R mixtools/R/mvnormalmixinit.R mixtools/R/plot.mixEM.R mixtools/R/density.npEM.R mixtools/R/regcr.R mixtools/R/mvnormalmixEM.R mixtools/R/postbeta.R mixtools/R/lambda.R mixtools/R/logisregmixinit.R mixtools/R/segregmixEM.R mixtools/R/poisregmixinit.R mixtools/R/dmvnorm.R mixtools/R/hmeEM.R mixtools/R/multmixEM.R mixtools/R/ellipse.R mixtools/R/expReliabilityMixEM.R mixtools/R/rnormmix.R mixtools/R/print.npEM.R mixtools/R/wquantile.R mixtools/R/npEM.R mixtools/R/ldmult.R mixtools/R/ddirichlet.R mixtools/R/regmixEMlambdainit.R mixtools/R/spEMsymloc.R mixtools/R/compcdf.R mixtools/R/kernO.R mixtools/R/regmixEMloc.R mixtools/R/kernC.R mixtools/R/matsqrt.R mixtools/R/mvnpEM.R mixtools/R/repnormmixinit.R mixtools/R/normalmixEM.R mixtools/R/makemultdata.R mixtools/R/WeibullRMMSEM.R mixtools/R/spRMMSEM.R mixtools/R/regmixMH.R mixtools/R/kernB.R mixtools/R/multmixinit.R mixtools/R/ise.npEM.R mixtools/R/repnormmixEM.R mixtools/R/normalmixMMlc.R mixtools/R/logisregmixEM.R mixtools/R/FDR_spEM.R mixtools/R/gammamixEM.R mixtools/R/tryflare.R mixtools/R/flaremixinit.R mixtools/R/plotMCMC.R mixtools/R/density.spEM.R mixtools/R/plot.npEM.R mixtools/R/plotseq.npEM.R mixtools/R/logitfns.R mixtools/R/parse.constraints.R mixtools/R/wkde.R mixtools/R/summary.mixEM.R mixtools/R/multmixmodelsel.R mixtools/R/zzz.R mixtools/R/testequality.R mixtools/R/gammamixinit.R mixtools/R/flaremixEM.R mixtools/R/normalmixinit.R mixtools/R/rmvnormmix.R mixtools/R/repnormmixmodelsel.R
mixtools/man/regmixmodel.sel.Rd mixtools/man/tauequivnormalmixEM.Rd mixtools/man/multmixmodel.sel.Rd mixtools/man/makemultdata.Rd mixtools/man/mixtools-internal.Rd mixtools/man/plotFDR.Rd mixtools/man/summary.spRMM.Rd mixtools/man/rmvnorm.Rd mixtools/man/normalmixEM.Rd mixtools/man/regmixMH.Rd mixtools/man/plot.npEM.Rd mixtools/man/logisregmixEM.Rd mixtools/man/expRMM_EM.Rd mixtools/man/spEM.Rd mixtools/man/boot.comp.Rd mixtools/man/rweibullmix.Rd mixtools/man/NOdata.Rd mixtools/man/print.npEM.Rd mixtools/man/plot.spEMN01.Rd mixtools/man/plot.mvnpEM.Rd mixtools/man/wkde.Rd mixtools/man/ise.npEM.Rd mixtools/man/rexpmix.Rd mixtools/man/weibullRMM_SEM.Rd mixtools/man/ellipse.Rd mixtools/man/parseconstraint.Rd mixtools/man/depth.Rd mixtools/man/flaremixEM.Rd mixtools/man/spRMM_SEM.Rd mixtools/man/summary.npEM.Rd mixtools/man/test.equality.mixed.Rd mixtools/man/rmvnormmix.Rd mixtools/man/RTdata.Rd mixtools/man/RodFramedata.Rd mixtools/man/hmeEM.Rd mixtools/man/tonedata.Rd mixtools/man/aug.x.Rd mixtools/man/repnormmixEM.Rd mixtools/man/spregmix.Rd mixtools/man/mvnpEM.Rd mixtools/man/wquantile.Rd mixtools/man/rnormmix.Rd mixtools/man/print.mvnpEM.Rd mixtools/man/plotspRMM.Rd mixtools/man/lambda.Rd mixtools/man/try.flare.Rd mixtools/man/plot.mixEM.Rd mixtools/man/poisregmixEM.Rd mixtools/man/ddirichlet.Rd mixtools/man/regmixEM.lambda.Rd mixtools/man/CO2data.Rd mixtools/man/spEMsymlocN01.Rd mixtools/man/RanEffdata.Rd mixtools/man/density.spEM.Rd mixtools/man/RTdata2.Rd mixtools/man/ldmult.Rd mixtools/man/summary.mvnpEM.Rd mixtools/man/initializations.Rd mixtools/man/summary.mixEM.Rd mixtools/man/post.beta.Rd mixtools/man/perm.Rd mixtools/man/multmixEM.Rd mixtools/man/normalmixMMlc.Rd mixtools/man/boot.se.Rd mixtools/man/density.npEM.Rd mixtools/man/regmixEM.Rd mixtools/man/normalmixEM2comp.Rd mixtools/man/plotexpRMM.Rd mixtools/man/repnormmixmodel.sel.Rd mixtools/man/npMSL.Rd mixtools/man/plot.MCMC.Rd mixtools/man/gammamixEM.Rd mixtools/man/test.equality.Rd mixtools/man/segregmixEM.Rd mixtools/man/regmixEM.loc.Rd mixtools/man/matsqrt.Rd mixtools/man/npEM.Rd mixtools/man/plotweibullRMM.Rd mixtools/man/Habituationdata.Rd mixtools/man/plotseq.npEM.Rd mixtools/man/Waterdata.Rd mixtools/man/regmixEM.mixed.Rd mixtools/man/spEMsymloc.Rd mixtools/man/dmvnorm.Rd mixtools/man/regcr.Rd mixtools/man/mvnormalmixEM.Rd mixtools/man/compCDF.Rd mixtools/man/lambda.pert.Rd

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