Man pages for mldr
Exploratory Data Analysis and Manipulation of Multi-Label Data Sets

concurrenceReportGenerates a label concurrence report
equals-.mldrChecks if two mldr objects have the same structure
evmetrics-avMulti-label averaged evaluation metrics
evmetrics-mlMulti-label evaluation metrics
evmetrics-rkMulti-label ranking-based evaluation metrics
labelInteractionsProvides data about interactions between labels
mldrCreates an object representing a multilabel dataset
mldr_evaluateEvaluate predictions made by a multilabel classifier
mldr_from_dataframeGenerates an mldr object from a data.frame and a vector with...
mldrGUILaunches the web-based GUI for mldr
mldr_to_labelsLabel matrix of an MLD
mldr_transformTransformns an MLDR into binary or multiclass datasets
plot.mldrGenerates graphic representations of an mldr object
plus-.mldrGenerates a new mldr object joining the rows in the two mldrs...
print.mldrPrints the mldr content
read.arffRead an ARFF file
remedialDecouples highly imbalanced labels
roc.mldrROC curve
sub-.mldrFilter rows in a'mldr' returning a new 'mldr'
summary.mldrProvides a summary of measures about the mldr
write_arffWrite an '"mldr"' object to a file
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