labelInteractions: Provides data about interactions between labels

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This function facilitates a list with the minority labels most affected by the problem of concurrence with majority labels, provinding the indexes of the majority labels interacting with each minority and also the number of instances in which they appear together.


labelInteractions(mld, labelProportion)



mldr object to analyze


A value in the (0,1] range establishing the proportion of minority labels to be included as result. By default at least 3 or 10% of minority labels are included, or all of them if there are fewer than 3.


A list with two slots, indexes and interactions. The former contains the indexes of the minority labels, sorted from higher to lower SCUMBLE metric. The latter will provide an element for each of the previous labels, communicating the indexes of the majority labels it interacts with and the number of samples in which they appear together.

See Also

remedial, concurrenceReport



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