mldrGUI: Launches the web-based GUI for mldr

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Loads an interactive user interface in the web browser, built using R shiny.




The mldr package provides a basic, Shiny-based GUI to work with multilabel datasets. You have to install the shiny package to be able to use this GUI.

The user interface allows working with any of the previous loaded datasets, as well as loading new ones. The GUI is structured into the following pages:

  • Main: This page is divided into two sections. The one at the left can be used to choose a previously loaded dataset, as well as to load datasets from files. The right part shows some basic statistics about the selected multilabel dataset.

  • Labels: This page shows a table containing for each label its name, index, count, relative frequency and imbalance ratio (IRLbl). The page also includes a bar plot of the label frequency. The range of labels in the plot can be customized.

  • Labelsets: This page shows a table containing for each labelset its representation and a counter.

  • Attributes: This page shows a table containing for each attribute its name, type and a summary of its values.

  • Concurrence: This page shows for each label the number of instances in which it appears and its mean SCUMBLE measure, along with a plot that shows the level of concurrence among the selected labels. Clicking the labels in the table makes it possible to add/remove them from the plot.

The tables shown in these pages can be sorted by any of its fields, as well as filtered. The content of the tables can be copied to clipboard, printed and saved in CSV and Microsoft Excel format.




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