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birds dataset.




An mldr object with 645 instances, 279 attributes and 19 labels


F. Briggs, Yonghong Huang, R. Raich, K. Eftaxias, Zhong Lei, W. Cukierski, S. Hadley, A. Hadley, M. Betts, X. Fern, J. Irvine, L. Neal, A. Thomas, G. Fodor, G. Tsoumakas, Hong Wei Ng, Thi Ngoc Tho Nguyen, H. Huttunen, P. Ruusuvuori, T. Manninen, A. Diment, T. Virtanen, J. Marzat, J. Defretin, D. Callender, C. Hurlburt, K. Larrey, M. Milakov. "The 9th annual MLSP competition: New methods for acoustic classification of multiple simultaneous bird species in a noisy environment", in proc. 2013 IEEE International Workshop on Machine Learning for Signal Processing (MLSP)



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