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Performance Measures for 'mlr3'

accClassification Accuracy
aeAbsolute Error (per observation)
apeAbsolute Percentage Error (per observation)
aucArea Under the ROC Curve
baccBalanced Accuracy
bbrierBinary Brier Score
binary_paramsBinary Classification Parameters
ceClassification Error
classif_paramsClassification Parameters
confusion_matrixCalculate Binary Confusion Matrix
dorDiagnostic Odds Ratio
fbetaF-beta Score
fdrFalse Discovery Rate
fnFalse Negatives
fnrFalse Negative Rate
fomrFalse Omission Rate
fpFalse Positives
fprFalse Positive Rate
jaccardJaccard Similarity Index
ktauKendall's tau
loglossLog Loss
maeMean Absolute Error
mapeMean Absolute Percent Error
mauc_aunuMulticlass AUC Scores
maxaeMax Absolute Error
maxseMax Squared Error
mbrierMulticlass Brier Score
mccMatthews Correlation Coefficient
measuresMeasure Registry
medaeMedian Absolute Error
medseMedian Squared Error
mlr3measures-packagemlr3measures: Performance Measures for 'mlr3'
mseMean Squared Error
msleMean Squared Log Error
npvNegative Predictive Value
pbiasPercent Bias
phiPhi Coefficient Similarity
ppvPositive Predictive Value
praucArea Under the Precision-Recall Curve
raeRelative Absolute Error
regr_paramsRegression Parameters
rmseRoot Mean Squared Error
rmsleRoot Mean Squared Log Error
rrseRoot Relative Squared Error
rseRelative Squared Error
rsqR Squared
saeSum of Absolute Errors
seSquared Error (per observation)
similarity_paramsSimilarity Parameters
sleSquared Log Error (per observation)
smapeSymmetric Mean Absolute Percent Error
srhoSpearman's rho
sseSum of Squared Errors
tnTrue Negatives
tnrTrue Negative Rate
tpTrue Positives
tprTrue Positive Rate
zero_oneZero-One Classification Loss (per observation)
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