Defines functions modEvAmethods

Documented in modEvAmethods

modEvAmethods <- function(fun) {

  if (fun %in% c("threshMeasures", "multModEv")) {
    thresh.measures <- c("CCR", "Misclass", "Sensitivity", "Specificity",
                         "Omission", "Commission", "PPP", "NPP", "UPR", "OPR",
                         "PPI", "PAI", "kappa", "TSS", "NMI", "OddsRatio")
    if (fun == "threshMeasures") return(thresh.measures)
    else if (fun == "multModEv") {
      bin.measures <- c("HL", "HL.p", "RMSE")  # "ABCc", "rABCc", "unityRsq"
      return (c("Prevalence", "AUC", thresh.measures, bin.measures, "Miller.int", "Miller.slope"))  # "Evenness", "ABCc", "rABCc", "unityRsq", "Miller.p"
    }  # end if multModEv
  }  # end if threshMeasures | multModEv
  else if (fun == "getBins") return(c("round.prob", "prob.bins", "size.bins",
                                  "n.bins", "quantiles"))
  else if (fun == "optiThresh") return(c("each", "preval", "0.5", "maxKappa",
                                        "minSensSpecDiff", "maxSensSpecSum",

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