Man pages for modello
Homemade Deep Learning Library

abs.modello_numberNumber Abs
adam.optCreate Adam optmiser
bin.entropyBinary Entropy
cosh.modello_numberNumber CosH
cos.modello_numberNumber Cosine
DataLoader.CSVR6 class representing a cluster LaF csv data loaders
DataLoader.SeqR6 class representign a data loader for sequence datasets.
DataSet.ArrayR6 class representing an array dataset
DataSet.CSVR6 class representing a LaF csv data loader
DataSet.SeqR6 class representign a dataset of sequences to feed RNN
dfunFinite Differences
dim.modello_numberGet Number Shape
dot-graphR6 class representing a computational graph
dot-idsGet IDs
dot-kCreate constnat scalar number
dot-modelloObject containing the corrent session.
dot-modello_numberNumber Subtraction
dot-modello.sessionR6 class representing the current modello session
dot-numberNumber Legnth
dot-optRoot R6 class representing a generic 'optmiser'
exp.modello_numberNumber Exponential
gemmGenral Matrix Multiplication
gemvGenral Matrix-Vector Multiplication
gerGenral Vector Outer Product
grapes-.-grapesMatrix - Matrix Multiplication
grapes-.T-grapesMatrix - Matrix Traspose Multiplication
grapes-T.-grapesMatrix Transpose - Matrix Multiplication
grapes-T.T-grapesMatrix Traspose - Matrix Traspose Multiplication
graph.closeClose Graph
graph.openOpen Graph
invMatNumber Inverse Matrix
is.graphIs Graph
is.numberIs Number
is.optIs Optimiser
ldbetaBeta Distribution: log-density
ldexpExponential Distribution: log-density
ldgammaGamma Distribution: log-density
ldlaplaceLaplace Distribution: log-density
ldmvnormMultivariante Normal: log-density
ldnormNormal Distribution: log-density
length.modello_numberNumber Length
lkh.normWeighted Normal Likelihood for Independent Variables
log.modello_numberNumber Log
maeMean Absolute Error
modellomodello: A package for creating computational graphs.
modello.closeClose Modello Session
modello.gcModello Session Garbage Collector
modello.initInitialise Modello Session Is Initialised
modello.resetReset Modello Session
moduleR6 class representing a module
module.fcR6 class representing a fully connected layer.
module_from_RDSLoad Module from RDS
module.lmR6 class representing a linear model.
module.logisticR6 class representing a logistic regression model.
module.LSTMR6 class representing an LSTM.
module.LstmUnitR6 class representing the recurrent layer of a LSTM network
module.RecUnitR6 class representing the recurrent layer of a Elmam or...
module.RNNR6 class representing an RNN.
module.softmaxR6 class representing a softmax regression model.
mseMean Squared Error
numberCreate New Number
number_from_listNumber from Collected List
number_from_RDSLoad Number from RDS
plus-.modello_numberNumber Addition
popPop Modello Objects
pow-.modello_numberNumber Power
sgd.optCreate SGD optimiser
sgdwm.optCreate SGDWM optmiser
sinh.modello_numberNumber SinH
sin.modello_numberNumber Sin
slash-.modello_numberNumber Division
softmaxNumber Softmax
ssqSum of Squares
sub-.modello_numberSilce Numbers
subset-.modello_numberSets the value of a slice in a 'number'
swishNumber Swish
tanh.modello_numberNumber TanH
tan.modello_numberNumber Tan
times-.modello_numberNumber Multiplication
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