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move is a package that contains functions to access movement data stored at as well as tools to visualize and statistically analyse animal movement data. Move addresses ecological questions regarding movement.


The package implements classes for movement data and supports

I. Creating Move objects

Move objects can be created from files with the function:

move To create an object containing one animal track
moveStack To create an object containing multiple move objects
getMovebankData To create a Move or a MoveStack object with data from Movebank

II. Calculation of the utilization distribution

With the function below the dynamic Brownian Bridge Movement Model calculates the utilization density from a Move object:

brownian.bridge.dyn To calculate the utilization density

III. Accessing values

coordinates Track-coordinates of the Move Object A data.frame with the important data of the Move Object
n.locs The number of locations
timeLag The time lags between the locations
projection The projection method of the track/raster

IV. Plotting data

The track or the utilization distribution can be plotted with the following functions:

plot plots the utilization distribution with fixed width and height ratio (see DBBMM-class), or the track (see Move-class)
image plots the utilization distribution fitted to the window
contour adds the contours of utilization distribution to a plot


Bart Kranstauber, Marco Smolla

Maintainer: Bart Kranstauber [email protected], Marco Smolla [email protected]


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