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Visualizing and Analyzing Animal Track Data

angleHeadings of the segments of a movement track a Data Frame
brownian.bridge.dynCalculates a dynamic Brownian Bridge
brownian.motion.variance.dynCalculates the dynamic brownian motion variance
burstBursting a track
burstIdReturns or sets the burstId
citationsExtract the citation of a Move or MoveStack object
contourContour plot
coordinatesExtract the track coordinates from a Move or MoveStack object
corridorCorridor behavior identification
DBBMMBurstStack-classThe DBBMMBurstStack class
DBBMM-classThe DBBMM class
DBBMMStack-classThe DBBMMStack class
dBGBvariance-classThe dynBGBvariance class
dBMvarianceTmp-classThe dBMvariance class
distanceDistance between the locations of a movement track
duplicatedDataExampleTracking data example with duplicated timestamps
dynBGB-classThe dynBGB class
dynBGB-methodsCalculation of the dynamic Bivariate Gausian Bridge
dynBGBvariance-methodsCalculates the Bivariate Gaussian Bridge motion variance
emdEarth movers distance
equalProjChecks projections for being equal
fishersA MoveStack
getDataRepositoryDataDownload data from the Movebank Data Repository
getDuplicatedTimestampsIdentifies duplicated timestamps
getMotionVarianceExtracts the estimated motion variance
getMovebankDownload Data from Movebank
getMovebankAnimalsAnimals, tags and IDs in a Movebank study
getMovebankDataDownload data from Movebank
getMovebankIDMovebank Study ID
getMovebankNonLocationDataDownload non-location data from Movebank
getMovebankSensorAttributesAvailable attributes of Movebank sensors
getMovebankSensorsInformation about Movebank sensors
getMovebankStudiesAll studies on Movebank
getMovebankStudyReturns information of a Movebank study
getVolumeUDModify a UD raster
hrBootstrapCalculates and plots the area of the Minimum Convex Polygon...
idDataObtain or replace the idData slot of a Move object
interpolateTimeInterpolate a trajectory
leroyGPS track data from a fisher
leroydbgbdynamic Bivariate Gausian Bridge example object
licenseTermsExtract the license terms of a Move or MoveStack object
linesPlotting the lines of a track
moveCreate a Move object
move2adeConvert a Move or MoveStack object to adehabitat compatible...
movebankLoginLogin into Movebank
MovebankLogin-classThe MovebankLogin class
MoveBurst-classMoveBurst class
Move-classThe Move class
move-packageAn overview of the functions in this package
moveStackCreating a MoveStack
MoveStack-classThe MoveStack class
n.indivExtract the number of individuals of a MoveStack
n.locsExtract the number of locations of a Move or MoveStack object
outerProbabilityCalculates the probabilities at the edges of a raster
plotPlotting track or raster
plotBurstsPlotting the centroids of a bursted track
pointsPlotting the points of a track
rasterExtract raster topology from DBBMM or dynBGB
raster2contourConvert raster to contour lines
rickyGPS track data from a fisher
searchMovebankStudiesSearch for a study on Movebank
seglengthSegment lengths of a track
sensorExtract the sensor of a Move unUsedRecords object
showShow a Move, DBBMM, dynBGB object
speedSpeed between the locations of a movement track
splitSplitting a MoveStack, MoveBurst or DBBMMStack
spTransformTransform projection of movement track
subsetSubset movement tracks
summarySummary of Move, DBBMM, dynBGB objects
thinTrackThinning trajectories to a specific time interval or...
timeLagTime lags between the locations of a movement track
timestampsExtract or set the timestamps of a Move or MoveStack object
trackIdReturns trackId
turnAngleGcTurning angles on great circle tracks
UD-classThe UD class
udDataDynamic brownian bridges
UDStackCreating UDStack objects
unUsedRecordsExtracts or creates the unUsedRecords
unUsedRecords-classThe .unUsedRecords and .unUsedRecordsStack class
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