Man pages for mrMLM.GUI
Multi-Locus Random-SNP-Effect Mixed Linear Model Tools for Genome-Wide Association Study

FASTmrEMMATo perform GWAS with FASTmrEMMA method
FASTmrMLMTo perform GWAS with FASTmrMLM method
fmegenGenotype data
fmegenrawraw genotype data
ISISTo perform GWAS with ISIS EM-BLASSO method
mrgenGenotype data
mrgenrawraw genotype data
mrMLMFunTo perform GWAS with mrMLM method
mrMLM.GUI-packageMulti-Locus Random-SNP-Effect Mixed Linear Model for...
mrphephenotype data
pKWmEBTo perform GWAS with pKWmEB method
pLARmEBTo perform GWAS with pLARmEB method
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