Man pages for muHVT
Constructing Hierarchical Voronoi Tessellations and Overlay Heatmap for Data Analysis

diagPlotDiagnosis Plot
exploded_hmapFunction to construct an interactive 3D heatmap overlay for...
get_cell_idFunction to generate cell ID based on 1D sammons projection
HVTConstructing Hierarchical Voronoi Tessellations
hvtHmapHeat Map over Hierarchical Voronoi Tessellations
madPlotMean Absolute Deviation Plot
multiNormalDistMultivariate normal distribution
plotDiagMake the diagnostic plots for hierarchical voronoi...
plotHVTPlot the hierarchical tessellations. Main plotting function...
predictHVTPredict which cell and what level each point in the test...
qeHistPlotplotDiag Make the diagnostic plots for hierarchical voronoi...
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