Man pages for multiblock
Multiblock Data Fusion in Statistics and Machine Learning

ascaAnalysis of Variance Simultaneous Component Analysis - ASCA
asca_plotsASCA Result Methods
asca_resultsASCA Result Methods
basicSingle- and Two-Block Methods indexable data.frame
candiesSensory assessment of candies.
ccaCanonical Correlation Analysis - CCA
complexMethods With Complex Linkage
compnamesVector of component names
discoDistinctive and Common Components with SCA - DISCO
dummycodeDummy-coding of a single vector
explvarExplained predictor variance
gcaGeneralized Canonical Analysis - GCA
gpaGeneralized Procrustes Analysis - GPA
gsvdGeneralised Singular Value Decomposition - GSVD
hogsvdHigher Order Generalized SVD - HOGSVD
hpcaHierarchical Principal component analysis - HPCA
ifaInter-battery Factor Analysis - IFA
jiveJoint and Individual Variation Explained - JIVE
lplsL-PLS regression
lplsDataL-PLS data simulation for exo-type analysis
lpls_resultsResult functions for L-PLS objects ('lpls')
maageMåge plot
mbplsMultiblock Partial Least Squares - MB-PLS
mbrdaMultiblock Redundancy Analysis - mbRDA
mcoaMultiple Co-Inertia Analysis - MCOA
mcolorsColour palette generation from matrix of RGB values
mfaMultiple Factor Analysis - MFA
multiblock_plotsPlot Functions for Multiblock Objects
multiblock_resultsResult Functions for Multiblock Objects
pcaPrincipal Component Analysis - PCA
poplsParallel and Orthogonalised Partial Least Squares - PO-PLS
potatoSensory, rheological, chemical and spectroscopic analysis of...
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
rosaResponse Oriented Sequential Alternation - ROSA
rosa_plotsPlotting functions for ROSA models
rosa_resultsResult functions for ROSA models
scaSimultaneous Component Analysis - SCA
simulatedData simulated to have certain characteristics.
smbplsSparse Multiblock Partial Least Squares - sMB-PLS
soplsSequential and Orthogonalized PLS (SO-PLS)
sopls_plotsScores, loadings and plots for sopls objects
sopls_resultsResult functions for SO-PLS models
SO_TDITotal, direct, indirect and additional effects in SO-PLS-PM.
statisStructuration des Tableaux à Trois Indices de la Statistique...
supervisedSupervised Multiblock Methods
unique_combosUnique combinations of blocks
unsupervisedUnsupervised Multiblock Methods
wineWines of Val de Loire
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