Man pages for multic
Quantitative Linkage Analysis Tools using the Variance Components Approach

addGEAssess combinations of univariate multic objects
expand.dataCreate a "bootstrapped" version of a dataset to be used in...
expand.multicCreate "bootstrapped" versions of mloci.out and share.out for...
multicCreate a multic object
multic.controlSet control parameters for multic
multic.objecta multic object
non.user.level.objectsThis function is not intended for user-level use.
phi2shareConvert a SOLAR-formatted phi2 file into a multic-formatted... family contribution to peak LOD
plot.multicPlot a multic object
print.multicUse print() on a multic object
solar2mlociConvert a directory of SOLAR-formatted ibd and/or mibd files...
solar2multicConvert SOLAR-formatted output into multic-formatted...
subsetsChoose Sets Of Size k From The n-Elements Of a Vector
summary.multicUse print() on a multic object
sw2mlociConvert SimWalk IBD files into a single mloci.out.
t.rankEmpirical Normal Quantile transformation
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