summary.multic: Use print() on a multic object

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Produces a summary of a fitted multic object.


## S3 method for class 'multic'
summary(object, ...)



an object of class "multic", usually a result of a call to "multic".


further arguments passed to or from other methods. Currently ... only exists to pass 'R CMD check' tests.


This is a method for the function summary() for objects inheriting from class multic. See "summary" for the general behavior of this function.


a list is returned with the following components. <s-arg name="call"> as contained on object </s-arg> <s-arg name="max.lod.score"> maximum lod score from the multic object </s-arg> <s-arg name=""> IBD file that corresponds to the maximum lod score </s-arg> <s-arg name="max.lod.centimorgan"> position where the maximum lod score was found </s-arg> <s-arg name="n"> default=5. Number of families to examine for the top families </s-arg> <s-arg name="top.n.families"> ids of the top n families as they contribute to the maximum lod score </s-arg> <s-arg name=""> The minimum and maximum positions (cM) that produced a lod score greater than the "maximum - 1" and are contiguous to </s-arg>

See Also

multic, multic.object


## Not run: summary(fit)

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