lib.packs_str2vec: Parse single string to named character vector.

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lib.packs_str2vecR Documentation

Parse single string to named character vector.


Parses a string shaped like:
assertthat (>= 0.1), R6 (>= 2.1.2), Rcpp (>= 0.12.3), tibble (>= 1.2), magrittr (>= 1.5), lazyeval (>= 0.2.0), DBI (>= 0.4.1)
to match the normal package name/version layout like:
assertthat R6 Rcpp tibble magrittr lazyeval DBI
">= 0.1" ">= 2.1.2" ">= 0.12.3" ">= 1.2" ">= 1.5" ">= 0.2.0" ">= 0.4.1"

Used by lib.dependencies_online to interpret the by CRAN provided dependencies, used to parse the 'vc_override_dependencies.txt' files and the dependencies mentioned in the 'DESCRIPTION' files of the installed packages.





A string of length one with the format shown in the description. This will be converted to a named character vector.


Returns a character vector with the packages and their versions that it could derive from the single provided string.

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