multiway: Component Models for Multi-Way Data

Fits multi-way component models via alternating least squares algorithms with optional constraints (orthogonality, non-negativity, and structural). Fit models include Individual Differences Scaling, Parallel Factor Analysis (1 and 2), Simultaneous Component Analysis, and Tucker Factor Analysis.

AuthorNathaniel E. Helwig <>
Date of publication2016-02-20 00:54:26
MaintainerNathaniel E. Helwig <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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congru Man page
corcondia Man page
ed2sp Man page
fitted.indscal Man page
fitted.parafac Man page
fitted.parafac2 Man page Man page
fitted.tucker Man page
fnnls Man page
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krprod Man page
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multiway Man page
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rescale.indscal Man page
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sca Man page
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multiway/R/corcondia.R multiway/R/fnnls.R multiway/R/resign.indscal.R multiway/R/smpower.R multiway/R/resign.parafac.R multiway/R/parafac2_3way.R multiway/R/krprod.R multiway/R/reorder.parafac.R multiway/R/reorder.indscal.R multiway/R/parafac2_4way.R multiway/R/nrescale.R multiway/R/nscale.R multiway/R/fitted.parafac2.R multiway/R/fitted.tucker.R multiway/R/parafac2.R multiway/R/fitted.indscal.R multiway/R/indscal.R multiway/R/rescale.parafac2.R multiway/R/reorder.tucker.R multiway/R/fitted.parafac.R multiway/R/ multiway/R/resign.R multiway/R/rescale.R multiway/R/tucker_3way.R multiway/R/resign.tucker.R multiway/R/resign.parafac2.R multiway/R/parafac.R multiway/R/mpinv.R multiway/R/congru.R multiway/R/ multiway/R/ed2sp.R multiway/R/sumsq.R multiway/R/ncenter.R multiway/R/parafac_3way.R multiway/R/tucker.R multiway/R/parafac_4way.R multiway/R/rescale.parafac.R multiway/R/rescale.indscal.R multiway/R/tucker_4way.R multiway/R/ multiway/R/sca.R multiway/R/reorder.parafac2.R multiway/R/rescale.tucker.R multiway/R/
multiway/man/nscale.Rd multiway/man/ncenter.Rd multiway/man/krprod.Rd multiway/man/parafac2.Rd multiway/man/multiway-package.Rd multiway/man/reorder.Rd multiway/man/tucker.Rd multiway/man/multiway-internal.Rd multiway/man/corcondia.Rd multiway/man/indscal.Rd multiway/man/sca.Rd multiway/man/smpower.Rd multiway/man/fnnls.Rd multiway/man/mpinv.Rd multiway/man/rescale.Rd multiway/man/resign.Rd multiway/man/sumsq.Rd multiway/man/fitted.Rd multiway/man/congru.Rd multiway/man/parafac.Rd

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