Man pages for multiway
Component Models for Multi-Way Data

congruTucker's Congruence Coefficient
const.controlAuxiliary for Controlling Multi-Way Constraints
corcondiaCore Consistency Diagnostic
cpdN-way Canonical Polyadic Decomposition
fittedExtract Multi-Way Fitted Values
fnnlsFast Non-Negative Least Squares
indscalIndividual Differences Scaling
krprodKhatri-Rao Product
mcrMultiway Covariates Regression
meansqMean Square of Given Object
mpinvMoore-Penrose Pseudoinverse
multiway-internalInternal Multi-Way Functions
multiway-packageComponent Models for Multi-Way Data
ncenterCenter n-th Dimension of Array
nscaleScale n-th Dimension of Array
parafacParallel Factor Analysis-1
parafac2Parallel Factor Analysis-2
printPrint Multi-Way Model Results
reorderReorder Multi-Way Factors
rescaleRescales Multi-Way Factors
resignResigns Multi-Way Factors
scaSimultaneous Component Analysis
smpowerSymmetric Matrix Power
sumsqSum-of-Squares of Given Object
tuckerTucker Factor Analysis
USalcoholUnited States Alcohol Consumption Data (1970-2013)
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