mvmeta: Multivariate and Univariate Meta-Analysis and Meta-Regression

Collection of functions to perform fixed and random-effects multivariate and univariate meta-analysis and meta-regression.

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AuthorAntonio Gasparrini
Date of publication2015-05-22 18:55:37
MaintainerAntonio Gasparrini <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

berkey98: Five Published Trials on Periodontal Disease

blup.mvmeta: Best Linear Unbiased Predictions from mvmeta Models

coef.mvmeta: Extract Coefficients and (Co)Variance Matrix from mvmeta...

fibrinogen: Fibrinogen Studies Collaboration

hsls: High School Longitudinal Study

hyp: Ten Studies Assessing an Hypertension Treatment

inputcov: Input (Co)Variance Matrices

inputna: Input Missing Values

logLik.mvmeta: Extract Log-Likelihood from mvmeta Objects

mlprof.fn: Likelihood Functions for mvmeta Models

model.frame.mvmeta: Extract Model Frame and Design Matrix from mvmeta Objects

mvmeta: Fitting Multivariate and Univariate Meta-Analysis and...

mvmeta.control: Ancillary Parameters for Controlling the Fit in mvmeta Models

mvmetaCovStruct: Covariance Structures for mvmeta Models

mvmeta.fixed: Fixed-Effects Estimator for mvmeta Models ML and REML Estimators for mvmeta Models Method of Moments Estimator for mvmeta Models

mvmetaObject: mvmeta Objects

mvmeta-package: Multivariate and Univariate Meta-Analysis and Meta-Regression

mvmetaSim: Simulating Responses for mvmeta Models Variance Components Estimator for mvmeta Models Handling Missing Values in mvmeta Models

p53: Mutant p53 Gene and Squamous Cell Carcinoma

predict.mvmeta: Predicted Values from mvmeta Models

qtest: Cochran Q Test of Heterogeneity

qtest.mvmeta: Cochran Q Test of Heterogeneity for mvmeta Models

smoking: Meta-Analysis of Interventions to Promote Smoking Cessation

summary.mvmeta: Summarizing mvmeta Models

vechMat: Vectorization and expansion of symmetric matrices


berkey98 Man page
blup Man page
blup.mvmeta Man page
coef.mvmeta Man page
fibrinogen Man page
hsls Man page
hyp Man page
inputcov Man page
inputna Man page
iter.igls Man page
logLik.mvmeta Man page
mlprof.fn Man page Man page
model.frame.mvmeta Man page
model.matrix.mvmeta Man page
mvmeta Man page
mvmeta.control Man page
mvmetaCovStruct Man page Man page
mvmeta.fixed Man page Man page Man page
mvmetaObject Man page
mvmeta-package Man page
mvmeta.reml Man page
mvmetaSim Man page Man page Man page Man page
p53 Man page
predict.mvmeta Man page
print.mvmeta Man page
print.qtest.mvmeta Man page
print.summary.mvmeta Man page
qtest Man page
qtest.mvmeta Man page
remlprof.fn Man page Man page
simulate.mvmeta Man page
smoking Man page
summary.mvmeta Man page
vcov.mvmeta Man page
vechMat Man page
xpndMat Man page

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